Brass – Yuck; Heirloom White – Ahhhh

I was rummaging through our local Habitat Restore recently and went in the lighting section.  I’ve been looking for a cheap chandelier for my dining room because the one there now is hideous!  Yes, its a rental and yes, I shouldn’t change it, but I can NOT live with this thing.  Could you?

So, I look down and find a simple brass chandelier with some ugly frosted glass globes on it, but the lines of it are what I was looking for.  I took off the shades and put them on the shades shelf for somebody else to take and off I went with my new chandelier for $10!

Not the exact one I got, but similar.

Ok…I’m new at blogging and I get excited to start a project and completely forget to take before pictures.  I need to get better at that. 

Anyway, I found a picture of a similar one, so this is kind of my before.

By the way, I also need a better camera and some photography lessons.

So, as you can see, I painted that bad boy my favorite (and everybody else’s) Heirloom White to go into my dining room.  A few of the plastic posts (not sure what they are called) were chipped on the top so I decided to cover them with some scrapbook paper.  Gotta love all the uses for scrapbook paper we can come up with.  I also used some antiquing medium to highlight some of the details in the swirls.

So, now all I have to do is hang it.  I’m also thinking of making a cord cover for it, maybe out of some of my leftover burlap.  hmmm.

Doesn’t it look much better than that ugly lantern looking thing?  I think so.  Ignore the fact that only one of my dining chairs is white…that’s another project in progress. 



What do you think?  Major improvement from the old ugly one.  Don’t worry Mr. Landlord, I saved it for you in the basement.  I will put it back before I move out.

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11 thoughts on “Brass – Yuck; Heirloom White – Ahhhh

  1. So wonderful! I am loving every post I see about a chandelier! I wish I didn't rent a campus apartment so I could decorate the way I really want to.I also love your background design & color (mustard-y yellow happens to be one of my faves!)I am so glad I stopped by from the DIY show off!!

  2. Very cute! I like the antiquing and scrapbook paper. Great idea. Are you going to use those little light cover things over the bulbs or keep them bare? I'm not sure which way I would go on mine, so I'm just curious.

  3. Meg, I haven't decided if I'm going to use shades or not. If I find a good deal on them, I may try it.Moe, thanks for visiting. I'm a renter also and am constantly thinking of ways to personalize my space. I probably push the envelope a little, like changing my chandelier, but its not anything that I can't change back before I move. Glad you stopped by!Pam, thank you for the comment also!

  4. I have heard the habitat stores are awesome – we do not have one! The chandelier looks great…I am always amazed at some of the lighting that hangs in all homes. Such a great fix and totally makes the space look better.

  5. Way to go! You took a boring brass chandy and made it cute and shabby chic. Nice idea covering the "candles" with decorative paper. It looks so much better than the one that came with the house! Visiting from Suzanne's party. ~ Sue

  6. Love this…so pretty! I am going to have to watch for something similar at my thrift store and Goodwill store…I have just started to "transform" great buys to new looks also. Thanks for the info…Linda

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