Weekend Thrifting Finds

Here are the great items I found this weekend.  
It rained all morning so the yard sales were pretty scarce, but I did find a solid wood tray for $2 and a rolling pin for $1.  At Goodwill, I found a small cloche for $1 and a wooden candle stick for $1 – that top taper holder on it is already gone.  I found the Ball jars at 2 different places, the large one at an antique store and the 3 small ones at Black Dog Salvage, an amazing architectural salvage store that also has antiques.  This place is AMAZING and I could spend hours in there even though their prices on most stuff if out of my range.
Check out their website as they sell lots of stuff on eBay too. They have hundreds of old doors, ceiling tiles, old molding, iron work, stained glass, and all kind of other cool stuff.  The coolest thing I saw Saturday was this iron spiral staircase.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  I asked where it came from and they said it was taken out of an old firehouse in Baltimore.  
 Its a total of 20 feet tall (this is just a portion) and they are asking $400 per riser!  Wow!
Its gorgeous though, isn’t it?  They also have a blog…check out all the cool stuff here.
Linking to Southern Hospitality’s Treasures This Week Post.  Have a look at what she and everybody else scored on.
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4 thoughts on “Weekend Thrifting Finds

  1. Love the jars. I want to go to this store. I go to our dump – it has a store – a lot. There are tons of Victorians around here and always looking for a score…so far just a door…but I love it. That staircase is divine!

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