Goodwill Transformation

I was in my local Goodwill a few weeks ago and spotted this yucky brass beauty high up on the shelf just begging to be taken home and turned into something beautiful.  For only $3.00, I snatched it right up and took it home. 

I had remembered seeing a fixture like this turned into a cute lantern somewhere in blogland and decided that is what it would be.  So, I proceeded to take out all the lighting parts, which I saved just in case I figure out something to do with them, and broke out the black spray paint.  The part on top was in 3 pieces, so I just superglued them together.  I didn’t even cover the glass…I just sprayed and then when it was dry, scraped the glass with a razor blade. 

And…drumroll….this is how it turned out.  Gotta love spray paint!

Since its  Fall, I added in some little pumpkin, apple, and sprigs I picked up at Michael’s.  I love it!

What have you picked up at a thrift store lately that you’ve transformed?

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12 thoughts on “Goodwill Transformation

  1. What an great transformation! My mom used to have these fixtures but she didn't save them:(Thanks for stopping by! I love Uppercase Living..I have a big monogram I added to a mirror somewhere in my blog archives. I get lots of compliments on it. I love the photo vinyl idea.

  2. Great project! I see those light fixtures at my local habitat for humanity resale store for almost nothing and have purchased several to redo into other projects. Thanks for another idea!

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