New Project Plans for the New Year

Even though I have a few other projects still in progress, I’ve been thinking of some new ones, including an office space.  With my very limited space in my tiny duplex, I am going to have to get creative.  I’m thinking of the space at the top of the stairs in the hallway.  Right now, its a collection spot for laundry, which drives me nuts.

Add to shopping list…nice hampers or baskets for each person’s closet.

We have a desk in my daughter’s room that is basically used to pile stuff on, but it may be too large for the space.  Also, if I use this space, I will have to get creative with getting power out there.  Why is there not an outlet in the hallway??  I’m also going to have to deal with the ugly air conditioner that is in the wall. 

I’ve been searching through some inspiration photos, and here are a few that I love.

These are from Southern Hospitality’s office nook, also at the end of a hallway.  I love the chair and the shelves. 

 I like this space for its simplicity and clean lines.  (Let’s Make it Ours)

To have a space like this would be just dreamy!  (Perfectly Imperfect)  This was her attic.

What projects are you planning for the new year?


I love your comments. What are your thoughts?

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