Copycat Sunburst Mirror

Yep…I’m a copycat.  How can you not be one in blogland when there are so many brilliant ladies out there creating some pretty awesome stuff?  Right.

This weekend I started working on my bedroom.  I painted and got rid of all the teenage colors (as it was my daughter’s room before).  Yeah…purple and zebra print just wasn’t for me.  I’ll be revealing the rest of the room as I finish it up, but wanted to share this awesome piece of artwork I created for…can you believe it…$5.68. 

I got the idea a few weeks ago from The Nester and just had to copy her.  It’s my way of showing her some love.  🙂   You can see her version here (and her more brilliant photos). 

The Nester’s version.
My version.

(This is a little hint on the colors for my bedroom too.)  It looks a lot smaller here in this picture but is about 24″ in diameter.

Here’s how I made it…

Supplies:  1 package of poster board – I got a package of 8 1/2 sheets for $2.38 at Wal-Mart.
                1 wood round.  It’s about 6″ in diameter.  $1.19 from A.C. Moore
                 1 round mirror.  I found this one in the candle section at A.C. Moore.  $2.99
                 Stain or paint of your choice.  I had some stain already on hand.
                 Hot glue gun
                 Liquid Nails

Step 1:  Stain or paint your piece of wood.

Step 2:  Make a template for your “rays”.  I just free-handed it until I was happy with the shape. 

Step 3:  After the stain is dry, glue on your mirror with the Liquid Nails and let dry completely.   

Step 4.  Trace the template shape onto your poster board.  I made 8 large rays and 8 smaller rays.

Step 5:  Cut out your rays.

Step 6:  To make the crease down the center, you will need to score the center so that the fold is perfect.  (I figured out this after trying to make a fold by myself and not being able to get a clean, straight fold.)  To make the crease, I just used a straight pin and used a straight edge to go down the center of the ray on the back side of the ray.

This is what you end up with.

As you can see in The Nester’s photo, her rays folded out, mine are folded in.  I think I may like her’s better.  Hmmm, I may have to change it. 

Step 7:   Start hot gluing your rays onto the wooden round on the back.  Start with the smaller ones first.  Place one North, South, East and West and then fill in between those.  Then do the same with your large rays.

This is the back when all the rays are glued on with the D-ring in the middle.

Step 8:  Screw on D-ring.

Step 9:  Hang on your wall.

Step 10:  Enjoy!!!  

This was such an easy project and very inexpensive.  Thanks Nester for the inspiration!!!

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