Add Interest with Dimensional Paint

Good afternoon everyone!

As part of my bedroom redecorating, I painted a boring black dresser that I picked up several years ago at a thrift store.  Here is the before.

See, boring, no detail, and pretty scuffed up.

So, after the first coat of primer, I remembered I had some of this in my craft box that I had meant to use on something else, but never did.

This stuff, Delta Texture Magic, is pretty cool. It’s almost like spackling compound. It comes in a bunch of colors too.  I had white, which was perfect.

Anywho…I also had a stencil on hand that I liked and decided to use it on the top drawer to add some interest.

All you do is tape your stencil to your project sure it is level.  Then, with a texture tools, or an old store card like me, spread a think layer of the Texture Magic on you stencil.

Then, carefully remove the stencil and reveal the “Magic.”

Voila!  Instant interest to a boring drawer.

It’s subtle, but it does add a little something.  As you can see I also stamped the top of the dresser using some acrylic green apple paint and stamp I had on hand.

Here’s another quick before/after.

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Have a wonderful day!


(This is not an official endorsement of Delta’s Texture Magic dimensional paint.)


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