Who Knew…

burlap would be so popular to decorate with?  It’s scratchy, makes a mess when you work with it, but it is oh so versatile and adds some wonderful texture that I just love. And…its cheap!

Here are some projects I have used burlap in.

Back in the Fall, I added added burlap to the backs of my built-in shelves in my dining room.  I love how it turned out and allows the dishes to pop.

 Burlap was the perfect solution to fill this huge mirror frame that I picked up at the Habitat ReStore for a song.  I just added some batting and stapled it in.  Instant headboard.

 What a simple but effective use for burlap in this frame.  Love it.

Next on my list is to make a table runner in a lighter color burlap for my dining table.  Something like this…

Source:  Living with Lindasy

 I have to wait until after April 15th though…our one and only fabric store in town is moving to a new location and they have no stock! 

Oh, and some of these burlap pillows…

What have you made with burlap?

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10 thoughts on “Who Knew…

  1. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't used burlap for anything yet, but now I'm incredibly inspired. I love the pillows. So neat!Dropping by from the Ultimate Blog Party. Cheers!

  2. I really love the look of the burlap. I haven't used it in some time but I love the look. I do have a future project that will lend itself very well to the application. I thought when you mentioned the 15th of April you were referring to tax time. LOL Have a great week. Ginger πŸ™‚

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