Weekend Yard Sale Goodies

The weather was finally beautiful and the yard sales were in full swing. 

I set out early and was looking for some furniture to rehab, but didn’t find any thing good, well, for a good price. 

But, I did find a few other goodies.

These little glass jars that are going in my bathroom.  They left some cotton balls in one for me which are going in the trash. $1 for both.

This great footed milk glass bowl was just $2.

Then there was this metallise bedspread for only $2…bargain!

I also picked up this little seagull for $1.  Cute ain’t he.

Also got another mason jar.  Love these.  I paid $4 for it.  It’s a #12 on the bottom.  Not really sure what these number mean. 

I also got this great frame that you can see part of behind everything.  I thought I got a different picture with it in full view, but I guess not.  It’s really chunky and another bargain for $1. 

Oh, also got a dresser for inside my closet which I am determined to get organized.  It’s just a pressboard dresser, but for $10 it was perfect.  Forgot to take a picture of it too. 

Did you pick up any bargains this weekend? 



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