How-To Insall a Light Fixture – don’t be skeered

Being a single mom, I have had to learn how to do things for myself since there hasn’t been a man around.  Heck, I think I even did these things when I did have one around (hence part of the reason I don’t have that one around any more).  Anywho….I know a lot of women out there, and some men, are scared to mess with electricity.  I agree, that doing anything much more complicated than this should be left to the professionals, but I think we can handle unscrewing a few wires and connecting new ones.

****I AM NOT A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN.  This How-To is just how I do it and I have never gotten electrocuted or anything.

The most important first thing to do is make sure the power supply is OFF to the fixture you are working on.

I turn on the light that I will be changing and then go to the electrical box and turn off the breaker that goes to that room and then make sure the light that I turned on is now off.  Don’t even think about removing anything before you TURN OFF THE BREAKER.

Next, proceed to unscrew your current light fixture from the ceiling.  You may need some help to hold the fixture if it is heavy while you do the next step.

You should now have your fixture hanging by the wires.  Or your fixture base could be screwed into the fixture strap.

Photo source.

Now, you can unscrew the wirenuts on each of the wires.  There should be a white and black wire and a copper wire that is attached to a blue or green screw, usually on the fixture strap.

There…you have now removed your old light fixture and are ready for the new one.

Now, just do what you did before in reverse.

I usually screw in the new fixture base a little to the fixture strap so that it will hold while I connect the wires.

Connect the matching wires to each other – black to black, white to white.  Wrap the fixture wire around the wire from the ceiling clockwise and then screw your wirenut on, also clockwise until it is tight.  Also reconnect your copper ground wire to the blue or green screw on your fixture strap.

Sometimes, the wires on your fixture, especially if it is an older one that you have refurbished, are the same color.  Then you just have to guess which one goes where.  Connect them and then turn your power back on at the junction box and see if it works, if it does not, turn the power back off at your breaker box and reconnect to the other way around.  Even if it does work, turn your power back off at the breaker box until you are completely finished.

Now, put all the wires into the junction box and screw your fixture base onto the fixture strap.

Turn your power back on at the breaker box and you are finished!  And still alive and don’t look like this

Photo Source

Oh, wait, I think she meant to look like that.  LOL

So, now, instead of the boob…

You can have this…

See my post on this light here.

Ahhhh…much better. 

So, get to it ladies!  And don’t be skeered.

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5 thoughts on “How-To Insall a Light Fixture – don’t be skeered

  1. i completely agree with you i will try anything at least twice i am in a pickle now because i want to change out my shiny gold chandlier and the only thing stopping me is about 18ft it's making me crazy why does the ceiling have to be so high

  2. Great post, Gloria! I laughed till I cried at the "Boob" light! That image will always be with me now:)And yes, make sure you hit the RIGHT breaker switch when you're trying and fixing and retrying!!!! Read my blog and see what happens if you hit the wrong one by accident;) At least my hair didn't look like that!

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