I’m Open For Business!

The past few weeks have been a whirl-wind of activity and well honestly, I’m tired, but excited and happy for everything that’s happening.

Two weeks ago, I had my first public sale at my home, and while it wasn’t super successful, I met some really great ladies who pushed me right over the edge to put my work into an antique/consignment mall.  So, I filled out the application for my favorite, Buy the Season just in the next town, and sent them some pictures of my work.  I got an email the next day that they were very interested in having me join the store and had a space available for me.  I met with them last Friday, picked my space and as of July 4, I’m open for business! 

As a side note, I was completely flattered that the owner had been talking with the vendor rep last week and showed him some pics she had found on Craigslist and said wouldn’t it be great if we could get her in here?  He recognized the items from the email I had sent him, and told her I was coming in on Friday.  Doesn’t every girl need a little validation that her work is desirable?  It felt really good and made me proud of all the work I have been doing lately to get this going. 

So, anyway…Here’s a picture of what my space looked like before I moved in.

Well, this is kinda before.  Those are my shelves I picked up at a yard sale this weekend for $5. 

And, here it is after bringing some things in. 

Since this picture, I’ve brought in a few more things.  It seemed like I had so much more at home, but it looks a little bare, especially in the accessories department.  I’ve got to get busy on some little projects.  And, I’m definitely going to have to paint that pinky looking fence.

I’m excited, and of course a little nervous, about how this will work out.  The hardest part about this is pricing stuff.  Anybody have any advice on this? 

So, if you are in the area, come out to see my space!  Buy the Season is located at 1529 Apperson Drive, Salem, Virginia. 

And, don’t forget to enter my Anniversary Giveaway courtesy of Catfish Creative Furnishings of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! 



9 thoughts on “I’m Open For Business!

  1. Hello Gloria, So happy I found your blog…I just I'm in the same process . I have a brand spankin new space at a local antiques mall, The Fox Den , in Warrenton , Va. Love your space…it looks great. I agree, pricing is hard for me also. I tend to price too low and my hubby snaps me back into reality ;-> I would love for you to visit my blog and check out my space restyle. Good luck, I'm sure your fabulous items will fly out the front door!Janet xoxhttp://theemptynest-janet.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh congratulations !! and welcome to the 'pricing' headache. I keep a day timer and write down the actual time I have spent working on something, then add my hours, materials..in my price per hour I have factored in the up keep of my shop etc. That kind of gives you a 'wholesale' figure then you have to factor in your 'store' costs etc. You really do not want to price yourself out of business but there is no shame in making a profit. Once you are at it awhile it gets easier to know how to price things. All the best of luck with your new venture.

  3. Hi there- congrats on being invited to be a vendor.I have you on my list that I follow, but time has been short for me lately, and I haven't been able to fun-read blogs too much lately, but luckily I found your special post so I'm here to tell you BEST OF LUCK to you 🙂 Your space looks great already!A fan from NW Illinois,WHYCUZICAN (Suzanne)

  4. I commented on another post then started browsing your blog- WOW!!! I'm loving your work!! I'm in the same boat with the whole pricing thing. i want to keep prices low so that people will buy- plus I've been finding such great pieces for great prices… but wow! When you factor in rent, supplies, in my case a babysitter, etc… you almost have to price it high!A great place to pick up inexpensive accessories is at auctions! another new love for me. go to auctionzip.com and find an absolute auction, hopefully without a buyers premium. Usually they post photos of what they will have. Bring cash, patience and your resale license to avoid paying taxes on what you buy (taxes will be paid on it by whoever buys it from you!). If you haven't already tried auctions- start going!! all the very best of luck to you!!

  5. Awesome! Your space looks great! Just found your blog and i can't wait to look around. I'm a dumpster diver from way back and i love it when someone finds something discarded and makes it into something wonderful!Cindy

  6. I just found your blog. I am tickled that I found a blogger here in VA who is also located in my old stopping grounds. I am a Roanoke College Almni. Now that you have your own booth I have even more reason to visit for alumni weekend next spring!

  7. I was just merrily reading along through your post when I got to the part about Buy the Season and did a double take – "Wait, did she just name a store I actually know?"You are the first local I have run into in the blogosphere! It is kind of a thrill when two worlds collide. I am actually in kind of a similar place – I am getting ready to open a booth right down the road at Olde Salem Mercantile next week. I would love any wisdom or advice you can share and look forward to seeing more of your transformations!Carriewww.lovelyetc.com

  8. Hi there! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bed!! It's looks just like one I took out of the trash!! I redid it and it's in my daughter's room. It's a 3/4 bed (didn't even know those existed) so I had two bolsters made to fill in the gaps and put a twin mattress in the middle!! Haha! It came out really cute. ANYWAY! I love your things. I can't help you with pricing, because I've never priced or sold anything before. I've been filling my own house up!! Good Luck!Camillesnipssnailsandspice.blogspot.com

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