Café ole!

Ok, I couldn’t think of another coffee related title, that’s all that would come to mind.

About a month ago, I picked these coffee bags up at a salvage store here in town for…FREE!  There were lots of them in a huge bin by the road with a sign that said FREE.  I was all over it.  The only problem, that’s when we were drowning in rain and most of them were completely soaked and smelled horrible.  I would have taken them all but I couldn’t stand the thought of that smell in the car long enough to get home.  So I only took the driest three I could find.

Enter a beat up old frame I picked up at a yard sale for $1.

And a can of black spray paint.

And of course distress the paint a little so some of that red shows through. Then staple the bag to the back of the frame, pulling it tight.

Attach a D ring to hang…

And, there you have some cool art for a coffee lover.


I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’m sure someone will love this.  I can’t imagine drinking hot coffee in this boiling heat.  87 degrees at 9:00 p.m. – YUCK!

Not bad for about $4 (including the paint), huh?

Now what to do with the other 2 bags.  Hmmmm.  

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5 thoughts on “Café ole!

  1. AAAAHHHHH!!! Here it is :))Hi Gloria!! I LOVE your coffee bag art!! I also LOVE the white dresser or sideboard it's sitting on :)) I am a coffee drinker and could drink it pretty much all day long, lol!! Thank you so much for sharing!!I'm having my very first link party and this would be PERFECT!!! It's called Show Me How!!! ~ Friday ~ Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials ~ No. 1 ~It's going on RIGHT NOW :))I would love for you to join the party!!And feel free to link up as many as you want :))LOVE FROM TEXAS!!

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!Thank you so much for linking up to my very first party!! Show Me How!!! ~ FRIDAY ~ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials.I hope it will be the first of many!! I'm looking forward to this Friday!! Again, thank you so much :))LOVE FROM TEXAS!!!

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