Less than $20 Makeovers and a Challenge

Can you make a change in your home that will really make a difference for less than $20?  You bet you can.

Here are just a few things I have done in my own home for less than $20 that I think made a huge difference.

1.  Line the back of shelves with fabric.



These built-in shelves in my dining room were quite boring before and just adding a little of my favorite burlap to the back added much needed color and texture and makes my accessories really stand out.  You could do this with paper or even a little paint.  I just stapled the burlap up there. So easy and cost less than $6.

2.  Change a light fixture.



Chandelier Rehab post here

I hated that ugly lantern-looking fixture in my dining room and even though I am a renter, I’m not afraid to change some lighting. (Just save the old ones to put back up before you move.)  And, yes, you can find light fixtures for less than $20, at yard sales, thrift stores, etc.  Look for a shape you like or even just parts of it.  A little spray paint or reconfiguring can go a long way.  I found this one at my local Habitat Restore for $10.  It was brass, but I just spray painted it and added a little scrapbook paper to the plastic candle things that were discolored and a little broken and presto…new pretty fixture for under $20!  It made a big difference in how the room felt and how I felt about the room.

3.  Paint a piece of furniture.

Do you have a dresser, coffee table, side tables, or even your dining room table that could use some updating or just needs some spiffing up?  Just a little paint can go a long way in this department.

Dresser Update post here

This dresser was all beat up and didn’t go with my color scheme any longer.  Just a little time, some white paint and some spray paint for the handles, and it was new again.

4.  Change things up. This can even be FREE!

If you are anything like me, my decor is always changing but I’m not necessarily buying all new stuff.  For example, this shelf which I call my “fantle” because I don’t have a fireplace mantle to decorate so it’s my fake mantle or “fantle.” 

This was from this past Spring (my blog used to be titled Living on a Dime).

Spring Mantle Post Here

Every season this gets changed up and brings fresh look to the room. I mostly shop my house for things I already have and may add one or two new things that are really inexpensive or that I make.

And here it is now:

I already had everything here but the shells, which I bought for like $7 at Michael’s.  See the post on Beachy Mantle here.

So, change things up a little.  Go shopping in your own home.  Move a chair in from another room, move the artwork around or just bring in a new accent color.

A challenge for me

My challenge for myself this weekend is to change the look of my 1/2 bath, especially that nasty 1970’s green and yellow floor. 

Really…who ever thought that looked good??  YUCK!

I’m ok with everything from the baseboards up, but I can’t focus on anything but the ugly floor every time I go in there.  And it just never looks clean, so that really irritates me.  And, I’m going to do it for no more than $20!  Yep. 

Here is my inspiration pic.

Courtesy House of Turquoise

Love the clean white floors and the board and batten.  So light, bright and clean.  Do you think I can make a change like this for less than $20? 

We will see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Less than $20 Makeovers and a Challenge

  1. I agree, Gloria! You CAN make simple changes with big impact for less! When I rented, the first thing I always did was change out the light fixtures, take down the mini blinds and hang my own curtains. Can't wait to see how you transform that bathroom floor! Thanks for sharing!~Laura

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