Half Bath Restyle for Under $20


42 thoughts on “Half Bath Restyle for Under $20

  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Great job! If you said you'd spent a few hundred, I'd still be impressed, but $24.77? WOW!!I'm visiting from Met Monday. Great post!Pam

  2. This is fantastic! Kudos to you for doing it for under $25. Ours wasn't that cheap but, we didn't spend much. What a nice job you did it looks wonderful!Sherry

  3. That's an amazing transformation for a ridiculously low price…unbelievable. I think adding a stencil and/or rug will make it look like a million bucks!

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful! But sadly most of us couldn't pull if off, not having a lot of paint and such sitting around. But you did great and used up what you had, so much smarter than going out and buying more stuff.

  5. You did one of the few things that you really needed to do to get some life back into this room, remove the horrible lime green carpet. That alone must have instantly transformed the room! Good work!

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