Thrift Shopping Tips #2

So, now we have our shopping list of what we are looking for and off to the stores we go.

Tip # 2 – Keep An Open Mind

With your shopping list in mind, you may not find exactly what you are looking for.  Here’s where you need to keep an open mind.  From your inspiration picture, you are looking for a decorative side chair for your bedroom.  You have that finished product in your mind and you most likely won’t find that exact chair.  So, in keeping an open mind, look at the lines and sturdiness of a chair instead of the scratches and ugly worn fabric on the seat.  As long as the chair is structurally sound and you like the lines of it, you can make it look just like what you have in mind with a little paint and new fabric for the seat.  You can easily find a great chair for less than $10 – I usually pick them up for about $5 like these.

Just remember, a little paint can fix almost anything…even lamps.

Come by tomorrow for Tip # 3!

See Tip #1 here.


6 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Tips #2

  1. Hi Anti. As for color, choose whatever you like. I've seen these chairs white, black, pink, yellow, and every color in between. If you are going to recover the seat, pick your fabric first and then pick a paint color that will compliment it. As for a tutorial, Centsational Girl has a great one at, chairs are great candidates for spray paint. I would spray with a good primer first and then your color. Spray with 2-3 light coats to avoid drips and puddles. My best advise. Just try it. It's only paint and its easy to cover over if you don't like it. 🙂

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