Thrift Shopping Tips #3

Courtesty CT Young

So, now we have our list and are keeping an open mind when we are shopping at a thrift store.

With our list in hand and open mind, the next thing we need to remember is…

Tip #3 – Think Ahead

Most thrift stores have items for every season year-round and you can pick up some really great stuff if you think ahead.  That’s right.  As you are walking down the aisles and its a sweltering 103 degrees outside, don’t just walk by that fabulous snowman decoration or that adorable coat for your little one just because its not on your list.  It’s not going to be there waiting for you when the temps cool down.

Courtesy Mcbrooklyn

The thrift stores also like to have off-season sales on this kind of stuff, so you can sometimes get it at even better prices.

So, as your mind is open, look out for those off-season items that you are drawn to and buy them now!

A tip within a tip…thrift stores are great places to pick up wreaths.  Yes, they may have some ugly crap on top of them, but the grapevine or other wreath material under all that is perfectly fine.  You can grab them up for next to nothing.

By the way, don’t you love these great thrift shop signs?  Love them.

Tip #1 – Have a Plan
Tip #2 – Keep an Open Mind


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