Thrift Shopping Tips #4

So, have you gone to a thrift store this week?  Well, what are you waiting for??

Tip # 4 – Go Often

I hear all the time, “I went into Goodwill once and all they had was a bunch of junk and I didn’t find anything.”  Or, “You always find such cool stuff, why don’t I ever find anything?”

Ok, you went once??  That’s not going to do it.  I go to my favorite stores a lot.  I mean…A LOT.  On my lunch hours, on the way home from work (OK, maybe its out of the way as I live 0.4 miles from my office and there’s not a thrift store in between), and Saturday mornings on my usual yard sale route.  And, I go several times a week.

I also don’t find something every time I go in.  That’s why you have to go often.  There is different stuff every day.  Some days may be a bust, but others you will walk out with tons of treasures.

Do you see anything in this picture you could makeover?

Granted, I’m on the hunt constantly for furniture to makeover and other projects for my business, so you don’t have to go as often as I do.  But, you can’t just go once and give up.

Also, the first of the week is a great time to go because everybody did their cleaning out of closets and donated over the weekend, so they have lots of new stuff.

So, get out there and go shopping!

Tip #1 – Have a Plan
Tip #2 – Keep an Open Mind
Tip #3 – Think Ahead


8 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Tips #4

  1. Is that the Goodwill on 460? Wow, that's a ton of furniture. I have never been in a Goodwill with that much of a furniture selection. Love this tip. I really need to make it a habit to go more often. Thanks for this series!

  2. Wow, you're store has lots of treasures! It's hard to find furniture in the thrift stores around here, and when you do, it's priced crazy high.

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