New Goodies at Buy the Season

It’s so fun going over to Buy the Season to my booth and seeing what’s sold then filling it back up with new goodies.  I should have done this a long time ago.  Here’s some pics of my space after loading it back up today.

It’s also been fun meeting all the other vendors who have some really great stuff also.  It’s so hard not to walk out of there with more stuff than I brought in.

I’m most excited that I’ve sold more than my rent was.  Let’s just hope it continues that way. 

 Adorable musical child’s chair.

Have a few more items to take in tomorrow.  If you are in the Roanoke/Salem, VA area, come on by!



4 thoughts on “New Goodies at Buy the Season

  1. Congratulations! I think I've missed the beginning part somehow, but isn't it fun?! Love the setup. Looks like you have more room than I do and are doing a bang up job keeping it full. Keep it up, girl!

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