Weekend Loot

Happy Monday everybody!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for Fall to get here. (But, Winter…you just stay far far away, k?)  This heat and humidity has been horrible.  Having to work in the basement which is already damp and yucky is no fun with it being so humid.  I’m sure its not hurting anything with me sweating that much though.  🙂

I didn’t go to yard sales this weekend, sadness.  I’ve become so addicted.  All day Saturday, I felt like I was missing out on some great stuff.  But, I really needed to get some housework done.  It’s been neglected lately and I couldn’t take it another minute.

But, I did hit a few of the thrift stores here and there as I was running some errands and found just a few things.

Loved this print…$2.95 at Goodwill.

What is it with me and these small white lamps lately?  These were just too cute to pass up.  Cute little green glass cloches and a silver engraved trophy cup that I thought was kinda cool.  Need to clean it up a little.

And, last, but not least, this great mirror. It’s really heavy and has a little big of aging on the mirror.  Love the frame.  Another Goodwill bargain.

So, did you find anything good this weekend?  Did you use any of my Thrift Shopping Tips?

Anybody go to the World’s Longest Yard Sale?  I am definitely going next year – mark you calendar for the 1st Thursday in August 2012.  Would be a fun group trip!

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One thought on “Weekend Loot

  1. Great score on the lamps and the glass cloches. I always fall for pairs of things, and these are both classics! You don't say what you paid for them, but I know that Goodwill can be counted on.I would have bought that beach print, too. I guess we have the same taste. I don't want you beating me to any neighborhood yard sales!

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