I Felt the Earth Move Under My….Chair

What a day, huh?  As I’m sure all of you know, we had the largest earthquake in Virginia since 1897, a 5.9 on the Richter Scale.  It was felt all the way from Toronto, Canada to Alabama.  Crazy!  I was working and had my earphones in (watching listening to Design Star) and thought someone came up behind me and shook my chair and whole cube.  Nope…earthquake!  We’ve since had a few aftershocks, the latest a 4.2 at 8:04 pm tonight (when I was again trying to watch Design Star – what’s up with that?).  Let’s just hope they are all aftershocks and not foreshocks.

By the way, are you all watching this season’s Design Star on HGTV?  I love this show.  Do you have a favorite?  My favorites are Mark, Karl, and Meg, although Meg disappointed me this week.

So, on to a furniture makeover.

As you know, I’m helping a reader, Julie, makeover her master bedroom. (See original posts here and here.)  We almost have everything finished, and will be revealing the final product soon.  She is loving the elements so far, which make me so happy.

We are only painting one piece of furniture in her room, her desk.  She told me she was about ready to sell it because it was so boring.  Oh no…we can fix that!

Here’s what we started with.  A great solid wood desk, but yes, it needed a little oomph. So, I loaded her up and took her home with me to work a little magic.

If you will remember is Julie’s bedroom moodboard, our inspiration was a blue/white desk painted by Miss Mustard Seed.

So, I painted the base of the desk Old White (Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint of course) in two thinned coats.

Then the drawers in Duck Egg.

Lightly sanded the whole thing to make it smooth and did a little distressing all over.

Then it was time to wax.

Here is a picture of the difference in an unwaxed and waxed drawer.  See the nice sheen on the after?  To get this finish, I just brush on the wax let it dry for a few minutes – usually by the time I get all the waxing finished, its ready to be buffed where I began.  On the drawers, I just buffed with my wax brush.  You can also use a soft cloth.

And…here’s the finished product!

And to think, she was getting ready to sell this!  Can’t wait to see it in her bedroom.

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5 thoughts on “I Felt the Earth Move Under My….Chair

  1. Hey Gloria! I have got to get busy reading your blog. These days I check out FB by phone and I always see your posts but can't get to them. I now have you set up as a favorite on my work computer, so I can see I will not get any work done. LOL! I love what you have been doing! I miss my blog, but don't have time any more. Football takes over our lives these days. Anyway, I promise I will keep up to date from now on!~Misti

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