Thrifted Shelf to Jewelry Storage

We have all seen these types of shelves in thrift stores and yard sales.  We may even have a few laying around the house.

Ok, I completely forgot to take a before pic of my shelf, but this is kinda like it.

 I picked one up at Goodwill for ready….55 cents!  Yep.

And, if you ladies are anything like me, you have some jewelry in a not so perfect place where it gets tangled and is hard to find what you want to wear.  My necklaces are hanging on my closet door knobs.  Not the ideal jewelry storage.

So, I took my little shelf and transformed it.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. A shelf – Use whatever you can find.
  2. Cup hooks
  3. Eye hooks
  4. Picture wire
  5. Spray paint

First, I screwed in the eye hooks on the inside of each side support then attached some picture wire to them, stretching it as tight as I could.

Next, I staggered the cup hooks toward the front of the underside of the shelf.

TIP:  I nailed a small nail into the wood and then removed it to start a hole to screw in the cup hooks.  

Then, I spray painted the whole thing with Krylon’s new Dual Paint + Primer in satin white.  I did two light coats.

And, ta da!

The wire is perfect to hang fish hook earrings.

Now I can see what I have and its so much better than using the door knobs.

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