7 Ways to Use Book Pages

If you haven’t noticed, there are so many things you can do with an old book.  Well, it doesn’t even have to be old.  You could pick up a book at the Dollar Tree and use it too.

For today’s inspiration, I thought I’d share

7 Ways to Use Book Pages

1.  Book Page Wreaths

via Under the Table and Dreaming

This is probably one of my favorite uses for old books.  They are so pretty and can be used in almost any room.  I’ve seen and made several different variations.  It takes a little while, and maybe a few glue gun burns, but the result is awesome.  I’ve got to try the rose one.  Gorgeous.

2.  On Furniture

The veneer on this roadside rescue dresser was not fixable, so I got out the Mod Podge and covered it with book pages.  It turned out a beautiful, one of a kind piece. (Original post here.)

3.  Ornaments

Via Flea Market Style

I am so making some of these for Christmas this year.  I’ve picked up a bunch of ugly balls (that doesn’t sound right) at yard sales and thrift stores this year and this is the perfect solution for them.  Love the glitter!

4.  Jewelry

Via Mandipity

This is so simple, unique and pretty.  What a great gift these would make.

5.  Cover Jars

Via Arrow & Apple

How pretty would a bunch of these be on a mantle all lit up?  Save your jars!

6.  Lighting


Cover a lampshade.  Boy all the things you can do with lampshades!


Or even make a chandy! Kinda cool.

7.  Print on Book Pages

Via Ruffles and Stuff

Print images on book pages and create a collage using simple inexpensive frames.  Dictionary pages would be good for this.

What have you done with book pages?  Are you inspired to try something?

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