My First Auction Experience

As my space in Buy the Season has been dwindling down to nothing, I’ve been panicking about not being able to find anything to refinish and sell.  But this weekend, the junk heavens opened up and now I’ve got a house and basement full of stuff…and a lot of work to do.  Finally.

After a great morning of yard saling and picking up a Craigslist purchase, I passed by a sign and a van covered in a sign for an “Auction Today!”  Everyone’s been telling me I should try auctions, so I did a U-turn with a full van of furniture, and went for it.  It had started at 8 a.m., so I doubted there would be anything left as it was almost 1 pm, but they were still going strong.

I was too much in awe of the process and totally forgot to take a few pictures. Sorry.

As I came over the hill in this neighborhood, I saw the huge tent in the front yard and the tons of pick-up trucks parked everywhere.  They were selling the entire contents of this house.  I figured a lot had been sold as I noticed a bunch of the trucks were already overflowing with stuff.

I stood in the back for a little bit and then decided to get a number.  Whole tables full of stuff was going for $2! I was itching to try.

I spied a vintage sofa and chair sitting on the side of the driveway and thought at first it had already been sold, but it hadn’t yet.  So I waited.

The auctioneer announced they were moving the the other side of the driveway and the furniture was next. Excitement.

By the way, I can’t imagine talking that fast all day long.  Whew.

He started at $50 for the set and nobody bid.  Then down to $25…nobody.  $10…nobody.  Ok, I’m jumping in…So I said $5! and he started asking for other bids….crickets.  Then those lovely words…SOLD for $5.  I probably could have gotten it for $2…now I know.

So, here are my very first auction purchases.

Wow…I did it!

I got a few other little things there that I will share tomorrow.

So, the auction bug has bitten me.  Yep, I went to another one that night, but didn’t get much.  The most exciting bidding was for a taxidermy skunk.  Too funny!  I will definitely be going back though.

Have you gone to auctions?  Any tips for a newbie?

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36 thoughts on “My First Auction Experience

  1. Holy cow! You got quite the deal!!! Those pieces are really in good shape, and will look beautiful all painted up and French looking! πŸ™‚ I've only been to a couple auctions. They're such nail-biting experiences for me. hehehe!xoxo laurie

  2. How fun! I go to an auction almost every week and you won't believe the deals you can get! Obviously you can because you just did! I did a series on my blog on tips for shopping at auctions. Check it out under the collecting section. πŸ™‚

  3. Really???? That is an amazing find!!!!!!!! I confess I am a bit jealous and have the bug as well – it is contagious it seems! Good for you! That is an awesome deal! And that green is amazing! Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Wow, these are amazing. Especially the sofa – can't believe what perfect condition it is in. I think I passed that same sign/van combo and now I am kicking myself for not stopping. Although, I have been to one auction before and was not a fan. Too much waiting around. But I am wandering it the one I tried was just a dud and I need to give it another go.

  5. Your brave for taking the leap ..and you did well…Im too timid to do well at auctions but I think it is great that you got such a good deal ..the sofa is sweet !KAT

  6. I've never heard of a $5 sofa! Congratulations. Makes you sorry for the sellers.I think that one of the secrets of auctions is getting there early enough to look things over well and make some bidding plans before you're in the thick of it.I can't make snap decisions- not enough confidence I suppose.I even like the color of that sofa.I think of the wooden frame in white and throw pillows added. It has all kinds of potential.

  7. Oh wow! I have never tried auctions either but someone recently told me I should go. Thanks to this post, I think I will next time I see one. Great find and awesome price!

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