Recent Thrifty Finds

I have found some really great things lately at yard sales, thrift stores and auctions that I haven’t shared with y’all.  I know…I know…bad blogger.

So, I’m going to do a little catch up with ya.

First, this little scale.  It’s vintage and cute and I’ve been looking for one for a while.  Picked it up at a yard sale for a $2. 

Two pillow shams at another yard sale that were perfect for some down pillow inserts I got last month at the Rescue Mission store.  Also perfect for my new daybed in the living room.  Oh yeah…another share I need to catch up on. Thanks for reminding me.

A few more white pitchers to add to the collection. There’s a hint at some of my Fall decorating too.

Wedgewood plates and tea cups.  Goodwill 25 cents each!

Two crystal lamps at an auction. (Did you see the green sofa I got at auction? It’s fabulous and still available!)

And this old speckle-ware (that’s what they said it was) kettle from the auction too.

Some fun things, don’t ya think?

What’s your favorite thing you have found lately?

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10 thoughts on “Recent Thrifty Finds

  1. I went today after church (the hubbie had to stay later so I left and came back to get him)…I thrifting and SCORED! I bought a belt, button up blouse, and two pairs of awesome shoes…one had never even been worn and they are so cute!!! I love thrift stores!

  2. Some great deals available whenever you visit yard sales, and you look to have found some brilliant prices. Those scales would be a great addition to any kitchen, perfect for the bakers of this world!

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