Inspiration Monday – Kitchens

If you haven’t heard, I’m moving! I found a great new duplex apartment in an house built built in the 1920’s and am excited to get in there and decorate!

It’s got great big old windows, dark hardwood floors and a nice big kitchen with lots of possibilities. Well, it will be big to me after having the world’s smallest kitchen in my current home.

So, this weekend, I have been dreaming of kitchens over on Pinterest.  There is so much prettieness (Is that a word?  It is now.) and inspiration over there. 

Via  I don’t know the original credit for this…someone pinned just the pic, not the origin. And, I repinned.

I’ve been wanting some open shelving in my kitchen and I think I will be able to do this in the new place.  There’s also space above the cabinets to decorate.  It will be a great place for all my white ironstone pitchers I’ve been collecting.

Via The Lettered Cottage

See, I could just take some doors off and it would be perfect like Layla and Kevin’s kitchen at The Lettered Cottage. 

There is also space for a small island and I will use that as a table, also.  I won’t have a dining room in this place, but honestly, we never use the one I have now.  I just decorate it – wasted space.  I think we have had maybe 5 meals in there in the past year and a half. 

Via Just for Rachel

I’m thinking of using an old dresser for the base of an island like some of these.  It will fit in perfectly with the style of the kitchen.

Via BHG via Studio M Designs

Isn’t this cute! Probably wouldn’t do the bright color, but like the paper towel holder and utensil rack.

I knew the new place was for me when I was already decorating it as I walked through it for the first time.  The others I looked at just didn’t do that for me.  Can’t wait to move in and show you all the transformations!



One thought on “Inspiration Monday – Kitchens

  1. Just a thought for you, if you wanted to try something a bit different, then how about going for a kitchen with no upper cabinets (i.e. from the work top upwards). It makes the kitchen look bigger yet it is so simple to do. It is of course dependant on the amount of storage space you have elsewhere, especially as you mention that you have been collecting pitchers recently! It's just an idea for you anyway.JohnKitchen Design

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