Just a Little Fall in the House

It’s officially Fall and its time to warm up the house a little with some Fall decor.  Even though I’m moving in a few weeks, I couldn’t help but put out just a little before I have to pack it all up.

So, here’s my Fall “mantle”.

Most everything I already had.  You may recognize the lantern from last year that I made out of an old brass light fixture (see post here).

And the shutters that I painted here.

The new things are the stuffed pumpkins I picked up at a recent craft fair for $1 each, a bunch of dried wheat for $2 (had a 50% off coupon), and the little pumpkin potpourri in the candle holder (you know, those Dollar Tree hurricanes glued to a glass candle stick).

Love this little tarnished silver cup.  It’s a little trophy cup for the Old Dominion Classic. Got it at Goodwill for 55 cents!

I am liking the layers and colors without being too…orange.  Not that there’s anything wrong with orange.  It’s so fun to shop around the house and bring little things together to create a whole new look, not to mention it doesn’t have to cost anything at all.

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19 thoughts on “Just a Little Fall in the House

  1. Love this! So refined and elegant. (And that lantern is genius!) I made a book page pumpkin this year, but I'm anxious to make myself a wreath soon too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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