Bathroom Organization on the Cheap

It’s a brand new year, the Christmas decorations have all been put away.  No more parties for a while and time to get back to normal.  This time of year, we all think about putting our lives in order and that includes our homes.  It’s the perfect time to clean out those closets and get organized.

Photo via diy Design Fanatic

I’m going to show you something quite embarrassing…my bathroom closet. 

The shelves are big and deep but have no dividers and things just get shoved in there with no organization whatsoever, not to mention, u.g.l.y.  And, its driving me nuts.

It’s time to get it organized and pretty.  Like these that I found on Pinterest.

You can follow my Organization board on Pinterest here.

I’m going to try and buy as little as possible…repurpose some things I already have and make it easier to get to the things we use every day. 

I’ll be posting the reveal in on Wednesday but keep up with the progress over on my Facebook page and Twitter



6 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization on the Cheap

  1. Gloria those are dream closets. I need to get more organized too. It's on my to do list for 2012. I'll be checking out your pinterest board for inspiration.

  2. We currently rent and have ZERO space for storing anything in the bathroom. Everything gets shoved under the sink and it drives me nuts. I love the idea of those white storage bins. Ikea perhaps? I pinned for future reference.

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