Bedroom DIY’s: Ten DIY Headboards

I think that bedrooms are my favorite room to make over.  There are so many quick and easy things you can do in a bedroom that can make a big difference.   So, I thought a little series about these budget friendly DIY’s for the bedroom would be fun.  Especially since I’m working on my bedroom.

First, let’s talk about headboards.

The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and is what someone first sees when they walk in your room.  So, it should say something about you and your style, right?

Of course you can go out and buy a perfectly good, ready-made bed that you don’t have to do any thing to, but what’s the fun in that??  And, they can be quite pricey.  By changing up your headboard, you can make a big change in the look of the whole room without spending a lot of cash.

Here are 10 DIY headboards you may want to give a try.

PLEASE. If you want to pin these to Pinterest, go to the original post and pin from there.  None of these are my work and I want the credit to go to the ones who made them. 

House Tweaking

Dana, over at House Tweaking took a few old fence boards, put them together and handpainted “love” on it.  Easy peasy and so cute.  You could put any word you like on this and it would be practically free.


This one is really simple and would be perfect for a coastal cottage style room.  Layla over at The Lettered Cottage did this one for  If you have a Habitat ReStore in your area, it’s the perfect place to pick up some shutters really cheap.

All Things Thrifty

Want a huge upholstered headboard?  Here’s an option.  Brooke and Dan over at All Things Thrifty made this for their bedroom.  Looks complicated, but it’s really not.  Go see how they did this for under $100.

Have a pretty quilt you want to display?  How easy is this?  Just hang a curtain rod above the bed and drape the quilt over it.  Done.

Love books?  This is so creative and could be done in so many different ways.  Children’s books, old encyclopedias, monochrome colors, all different colors.  So many possibilities.

Dreamy Whites

How dreamy is this?  A couple old doors leaned against the wall and done.  So French, so rustic.  Perfect.  Love how they mixed the rustic with the fancy in the chandelier.

Apartment Therapy

I love old mantles and what perfect headboards they make.  See how they did it over at Apartment Therapy.

Triple Max Tons

I love a simple upholstered headboard.  You can cut any shape you want out of inexpensive wood of your choice and then cover it with some simple inexpensive fabric.  Simple and classic.  See how Kirsten over at Triple Max Tons made hers.



From simple like above to this luxurious velvet tufted headboard.  This one may be a little more complicated, but look at those results.  Check out the great tutorial over at Schue Love.


And, last, but not least.  Look at this barn door headboard made by Diana over at Our Vintage Home Love.  Even though she has a real metal headboard in front of this, you could just put your bed right up to it alone.  Love it.

So, are you inspired to change up your headboard?  Which one inspires you most?  And which one do you think is inspiring my new headboard?

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