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Here are a few lovelies from this week.

What gorgeousness…Love the numbers, typography and textures all over this.  Those chandeliers…be still my heart.



I’m so doing this to the next bed I find.  I’m on the lookout!



Living in this bedroom would definitely make me happy.  There are some really great tips in this post.  Do you make your bed every day?  I do about 75% of the time.  I need to do it more often.



Have a beautiful weekend!


Bedroom DIY’s: Ten DIY Headboards

I think that bedrooms are my favorite room to make over.  There are so many quick and easy things you can do in a bedroom that can make a big difference.   So, I thought a little series about these budget friendly DIY’s for the bedroom would be fun.  Especially since I’m working on my bedroom.

First, let’s talk about headboards.

The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and is what someone first sees when they walk in your room.  So, it should say something about you and your style, right?

Of course you can go out and buy a perfectly good, ready-made bed that you don’t have to do any thing to, but what’s the fun in that??  And, they can be quite pricey.  By changing up your headboard, you can make a big change in the look of the whole room without spending a lot of cash.

Here are 10 DIY headboards you may want to give a try.

PLEASE. If you want to pin these to Pinterest, go to the original post and pin from there.  None of these are my work and I want the credit to go to the ones who made them. 

House Tweaking

Dana, over at House Tweaking took a few old fence boards, put them together and handpainted “love” on it.  Easy peasy and so cute.  You could put any word you like on this and it would be practically free.


This one is really simple and would be perfect for a coastal cottage style room.  Layla over at The Lettered Cottage did this one for  If you have a Habitat ReStore in your area, it’s the perfect place to pick up some shutters really cheap.

All Things Thrifty

Want a huge upholstered headboard?  Here’s an option.  Brooke and Dan over at All Things Thrifty made this for their bedroom.  Looks complicated, but it’s really not.  Go see how they did this for under $100.

Have a pretty quilt you want to display?  How easy is this?  Just hang a curtain rod above the bed and drape the quilt over it.  Done.

Love books?  This is so creative and could be done in so many different ways.  Children’s books, old encyclopedias, monochrome colors, all different colors.  So many possibilities.

Dreamy Whites

How dreamy is this?  A couple old doors leaned against the wall and done.  So French, so rustic.  Perfect.  Love how they mixed the rustic with the fancy in the chandelier.

Apartment Therapy

I love old mantles and what perfect headboards they make.  See how they did it over at Apartment Therapy.

Triple Max Tons

I love a simple upholstered headboard.  You can cut any shape you want out of inexpensive wood of your choice and then cover it with some simple inexpensive fabric.  Simple and classic.  See how Kirsten over at Triple Max Tons made hers.



From simple like above to this luxurious velvet tufted headboard.  This one may be a little more complicated, but look at those results.  Check out the great tutorial over at Schue Love.


And, last, but not least.  Look at this barn door headboard made by Diana over at Our Vintage Home Love.  Even though she has a real metal headboard in front of this, you could just put your bed right up to it alone.  Love it.

So, are you inspired to change up your headboard?  Which one inspires you most?  And which one do you think is inspiring my new headboard?

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Feature Friday – Infarrantly Creative

Feature Friday is back!  After all the holiday fun, its been kind of nice getting back to normal again.  How has your week been?

This week’s feature is jaw-dropping gorgeous, and frugal, and pretty easy.  Three things we all love, right?

If you don’t already know her, I’d like to introduce you all to Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative and her awesomely gorgeous fabric upholstered headboard.  Yes, I shared this over on Facebook yesterday, but just can’t stop looking at it myself, so thought you may want to see it again. 

Photo courtesy of Infarranty Creative

I told ya it was jaw-dropping gorgeous.  And can you believe that she stenciled that fabric!  Yep…it’s painted! The whole thing cost her under $77!  You have got to go and see how she did it.  Love that wall and the colors too.  This is definitely going in my file for my bedroom makeover that I’m starting soon.  Amazing job, Beckie!

By the way, Beckie has two other blogs that are just as great Knock-Off Decor and Roadkill Rescue. (My Roadside Rescue was featured there, see that here.)  Be sure to check those out too.  Yes, three blogs from one person and all amazing.  Beckie, you rock!

P.S.  If you pin this over on Pinterest, please make sure you pin from Infarrantly Creative.  Thanks! 

A Potentially Beautiful Space

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my first client for making over an entire room and being able to share it with all of you.

Yesterday, I went to meet with Julie, a local follower, to talk about giving her master bedroom a makeover.  They moved into their home about seven years ago and have worked on every room in the house but ran out of steam before making it to their own bedroom. 

Don’t we all do that? It seems like our bedrooms are one of the last places we take care of.  But, it should be one of the first.  We need to be able to go to bed at night in a restful, comfortable, and complete room.

Julie’s room has all the basic needs and some beautiful antique pieces, but just doesn’t seem finished to her and she wants it to be updated with a more casual, cottage feel. 

That bed is beautiful and was handmade for them for their 25th wedding anniversary.  No, we won’t be painting that.

The swing arm lamps have to stay, but I’m sure we can do something to make them work in the room. The brass has gotta go.

Another beautiful piece she picked up at a yard sale.  TV has to say, but maybe we can find another solution for the base.

Julie is a teacher and she grades papers and makes lesson plans at this desk, so it is staying also.

We will be looking for a bedside table, something small, for the right side of the bed and we need to find a solution for the window treatments also. 

Here are some inspiration pics that Julie chose.  Gotta love Pinterest! (By the way, I’ll be doing a post on Pinterst this week.  I’ve gotten several questions about it.  It’s A-ma-zing!)


She loves the feel of this one.  Layered bedding, touches of turquoise, and the casual cottage look.


She was also thinking of more of a brown wall, not quite this dark, and again, she loves the layered bedding, and pops of color.

So, now, I will be putting together some ideas over the next few days that will go with our budget and we will get moving on making Julie and her husband’s bedroom a real retreat for them. 

I will be posting our progress here but be sure to follow my Facebook page for even more pictures and progress notes. 

Thank you to Julie for welcoming me into your beautiful home.  I look forward to working with you.  Your bedroom is definitely Potentially Beautiful!  🙂


Yep, I made this…

Ok, I’m pretty proud and amazed this actually worked without any on-the-fly engineering.

Ballard Designs

I’m sure you have seen plenty of these drum shade chandeliers around, like this one from Ballard Designs for $229. (Really??)

I bet you didn’t think I could make one for about $5, did ya? 

Did ya?

Well, as I was strolling through Target the other night I happened on these babies.

Yeah, the teal ribbon trim on them wasn’t right, but for $4.98 each I snagged up three of them real quick like, knowing I could make them my own.

Then, I thought about the left over parts from my lantern project and a light bulb went off.  Drum shade chandelier! 

So, I played with the parts first to make sure it would work, then got out the spray paint and painted the parts white.

I ripped off that teal ribbon on the shade and wrapped some jute around the top and bottom and hot-glued it on.

Then assembled the light.  I lucked out that the shade just sits perfectly in between the light sockets.  I didn’t even have to glue it or anything. 

Then, I wired it in (ladies, don’t be scared of this…it really is simple).  Love it.

Here’s what you see looking up at it.

It fits perfectly in my bedroom.

Oh, I used the other two shades, fixed with the same trim, in the living room replacing these yucky fake leather shades.

Much better.

Yep, three new lights for under $15.  Score.

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Yet another use for drop cloth

I bet the drop cloth industry is wondering why their sales have increased so much over the past year or so.  Who knew so much could be done with this material?  Curtains, slipcovers, table runners, and now a pretty little rosette to embellish my lamp.

Feeling a little crafty late last night (10:00 p.m.) I went rifling through my craft closet not really sure what I wanted to do.  I found a plastic bag with scraps of drop cloth material from various projects and an idea popped in my head to try and make a fabric rosette.  I’ve been wanting to make some for a lamp shade in my bedroom.  Not really sure how to make them, I got out my scissors and glue gun and started trying.

This wasn’t so hard.  So, here’s a little tutorial for ya.

What you need:

  • A strip of fabric about 1″ wide and 24″ long.  Of course I used drop cloth, but I’m sure just about any fabric will work.
  • Glue gun.

To start, fold your strip of fabric in half lengthwise and start with a tight roll, about three turns, adding a dab of glue on the sides to hold it together.  It will look something like this. (Please excuse the blurry pics, obviously the late night didn’t agree with my photo skills, what skills there are.)

Then, loosely start twisting your fabric then gluing it to the spiral already created. 

Just keep twisting and burning your fingers gluing in a spiral until you are almost at the end of your fabric.  To finish it off, fold the last half inch or so of fabric toward the back of the rosette and glue it down.

Ta Da!  You have a cute little rosette to embellish almost anything with…lampshades, glue a pin to the back and wear it on a sweater, put on a pillow, anywhere you want.

Best of all…it was FREE! 
I am going to try some more of these with some different fabrics.

Have fun!

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Lettered Cottage How-To’s Day

Add Interest with Dimensional Paint

Good afternoon everyone!

As part of my bedroom redecorating, I painted a boring black dresser that I picked up several years ago at a thrift store.  Here is the before.

See, boring, no detail, and pretty scuffed up.

So, after the first coat of primer, I remembered I had some of this in my craft box that I had meant to use on something else, but never did.

This stuff, Delta Texture Magic, is pretty cool. It’s almost like spackling compound. It comes in a bunch of colors too.  I had white, which was perfect.

Anywho…I also had a stencil on hand that I liked and decided to use it on the top drawer to add some interest.

All you do is tape your stencil to your project sure it is level.  Then, with a texture tools, or an old store card like me, spread a think layer of the Texture Magic on you stencil.

Then, carefully remove the stencil and reveal the “Magic.”

Voila!  Instant interest to a boring drawer.

It’s subtle, but it does add a little something.  As you can see I also stamped the top of the dresser using some acrylic green apple paint and stamp I had on hand.

Here’s another quick before/after.

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Have a wonderful day!


(This is not an official endorsement of Delta’s Texture Magic dimensional paint.)

St. Patty’s Parade and a Reveal

Spring is finally here!  We have had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Roanoke following a very rainy week.  And what better way to kick off Spring than a parade.

Here are a few highlights of our St. Patty’s Day parade.

Don’t you love the bagpipes?  Check out how tall the leader was compared to the others in the band.

Here’s another bagpipe group.  I think there were five in the whole parade.  Love it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 

And now…I’ve finally finished my bedroom.  Well…except for a few other accessories that I will be looking for at upcoming yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

Most everything here I picked up at thrift stores or already had and just painted or repurposed to use in the room. The headboard was a mirror frame for a dresser that I picked up at the Habitat ReStore for $10.  It didn’t have the mirror in it, so I just painted the frame white and covered the backing with some foam, batting and burlap.  Easy peasy…and cheap.

The sunburst mirror above the bed I made out of poster board, a wood round and small mirror.  See how I made that here.

The shelves on the long wall were in my daughter’s room and were black.  Spray paint to the rescue and they are now white.  I also spray painted the frame, put in some burlap and attached the starfish with some string.  Viola…art.

As you can see, the colors I’m using are white, apple green and natural burlap.  I’m also adding in a little pink here and there.

This dresser was also my daughter’s and was black.  I picked it up several years ago for I think $40.  I painted it white with some paint I already had.  It was looking a little boring, so I stamped the top with some apple green acrylic paint that I had and put on a coat of Wipe-on Poly.  
I also added a little detail on the top drawer with a stencil and Texture Magic dimensional paint.  I’ll show you a how-to later.

This is looking into the room.  It is a small room, but it seems much smaller in this pic.  I’m still debating on painting that desk.  For curtains, I purchased a white sheet at Wal-Mart for $7, cut it in half, created a pocket at the top with Stitch Witchery and hung that baby up.  Oh….spray painted the curtain white also.  Gotta love spray paint.

The table I got on Craigslist last year and painted and stained.  See that project here.  I picked up the lamp at Dollar General.   Who knew they had lamps?  It was a bronzy color and yes…I spray painted that also and added a lamp shade from K-mart.

This other lamp, I picked up at a yard sale last year.  I think she threw it in for free because I bought the desk and another dresser and nightstand.  I just added a few flowers inside for color.

So, what do you think?  I like that I will be able to change out the accent color when I’m ready for a change.  Overall, I spent about $75 including paint for the walls (which is Natural Linen by Glidden) and the accessories.  Not bad…not bad at all.

Happy Spring Y’all!


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What I’m working on…

My posts have been few and far between lately.  I have no excuses…its mostly because of laziness.  This winter has been so cold and dreary, I think it has made me want to sit on the sofa curled up with a blanket rather than work on projects in my cold basement that I have to actually go outside to get to.

But, I do have several things that I’m working on. Here’s a sneak peak at some of them.

I did get my bedroom painted, and the sunburst mirror made,

a new headboard made,

and 1/2 of my first slipcover sewed.  I’m very happy with how the top turned out.  Now to figure out how to connect the back part to the seat part.  Yeah…that’s the pink nightmare underneath. 

All these things are just for my bedroom.  I’ve been searching the thrift stores for cute accessories that I can use as-is or attack with a can of spray paint.  

Last weekend, I finally started painting my dining table.  I finished up the legs and have the first coat of stain on the top.  Something is a little weird with the top as the stain isn’t taking to certain spots.  I swear there was nothing left from the old stain or varnish.  Not sure what’s going on, but hopefully the next coat will help or I will have to figure out something else.  Don’t you just love all those curvy legs? 

While waiting to get a tire plugged last Saturday (it took 3 hours!), I trotted over to a local flea market and had a look around and found 3 great old books.  Tennyson’s Poems, The Rose of Sharon, and a History of Music from 1908. (I didn’t get a picture of the music book.)  It’s cool because it has the student’s notes in the margins.  They are in pretty rough shape, but really old.  The Rose of Sharon is dated 1847. 

I also finally found a buffet for the dining room for only $50!  I can’t wait to get it all fixed up.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now.  I’m hoping to have some finished projects to show you next time along with details on everything.

Stay warm and lets hope Punxsutawney Phil makes it out of his hole tomorrow and isn’t buried in snow or ice.


Copycat Sunburst Mirror

Yep…I’m a copycat.  How can you not be one in blogland when there are so many brilliant ladies out there creating some pretty awesome stuff?  Right.

This weekend I started working on my bedroom.  I painted and got rid of all the teenage colors (as it was my daughter’s room before).  Yeah…purple and zebra print just wasn’t for me.  I’ll be revealing the rest of the room as I finish it up, but wanted to share this awesome piece of artwork I created for…can you believe it…$5.68. 

I got the idea a few weeks ago from The Nester and just had to copy her.  It’s my way of showing her some love.  🙂   You can see her version here (and her more brilliant photos). 

The Nester’s version.
My version.

(This is a little hint on the colors for my bedroom too.)  It looks a lot smaller here in this picture but is about 24″ in diameter.

Here’s how I made it…

Supplies:  1 package of poster board – I got a package of 8 1/2 sheets for $2.38 at Wal-Mart.
                1 wood round.  It’s about 6″ in diameter.  $1.19 from A.C. Moore
                 1 round mirror.  I found this one in the candle section at A.C. Moore.  $2.99
                 Stain or paint of your choice.  I had some stain already on hand.
                 Hot glue gun
                 Liquid Nails

Step 1:  Stain or paint your piece of wood.

Step 2:  Make a template for your “rays”.  I just free-handed it until I was happy with the shape. 

Step 3:  After the stain is dry, glue on your mirror with the Liquid Nails and let dry completely.   

Step 4.  Trace the template shape onto your poster board.  I made 8 large rays and 8 smaller rays.

Step 5:  Cut out your rays.

Step 6:  To make the crease down the center, you will need to score the center so that the fold is perfect.  (I figured out this after trying to make a fold by myself and not being able to get a clean, straight fold.)  To make the crease, I just used a straight pin and used a straight edge to go down the center of the ray on the back side of the ray.

This is what you end up with.

As you can see in The Nester’s photo, her rays folded out, mine are folded in.  I think I may like her’s better.  Hmmm, I may have to change it. 

Step 7:   Start hot gluing your rays onto the wooden round on the back.  Start with the smaller ones first.  Place one North, South, East and West and then fill in between those.  Then do the same with your large rays.

This is the back when all the rays are glued on with the D-ring in the middle.

Step 8:  Screw on D-ring.

Step 9:  Hang on your wall.

Step 10:  Enjoy!!!  

This was such an easy project and very inexpensive.  Thanks Nester for the inspiration!!!

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