My Christmas in Pictures

Happy Friday!

I thought I would share a quick photo collage of my Christmas.  Enjoy!



Wishing you…

A Quick Trip to Lucketts, VA

The Potentially Beautiful Tree

The 2011 Potentially Beautiful Christmas Tree is finished.

This year’s tree is a similar version of last year with a few new items added.  I made those little burlap wreaths last year. My cat loves them and every morning I find at least one in the floor that he has played with during the night.

The colors are silver, white, and a touch of blue.

But I can never leave off a touch of red, so my little cardinal peaks through a branch.

I added my sheet music ornaments that I made this year and some glittery big acorns that I picked up last year on clearance after Christmas. Love them.

In my new house, the ceilings are about 9.5′ and my tree from last year (that I picked up at a yard sale) looked like a dwarf tree when I set it up.  To solve that problem, I set it up on a box and covered it all up with a dropcloth “skirt”.  Viola! A taller tree!  And it makes room for more presents under the tree.  Win-win.  🙂

I would love to see all your trees too.  Post your pics over on my Facebook page for all of us to see and I will post the favorites here before Christmas.  Wow…it’s only 10 days away! I better get shopping.

Oh, by the way.  I’m in a Christmas Tree contest to win a visit to my house from Cooper Boone – singer-song writer, chef, psychologist (hottie!).   

Photo courtesy of Cooper’s Facebook Page

When he comes over, we will cook together and hopefully I will get him to sing for me.  A man who cooks and sings…Swoon.  Ok, enough drooling, I’m #44 Gloria F.  You can vote every day until December 25th.  I would be forever grateful!  And maybe I’ll invite you over when he visits.  🙂

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Mantle 2011

Sheet Music Ornaments

Remember when you were little and made paper fans all the time?  Well, if you can remember how to make those, you can make these pretty ornaments.

 Every time I go into a thrift store, I look in the book section for sheet music books. They are usually $1 to $2 each, which is such a bargain because you can get so much out of them.  You can also print some sheet music if you like.

Here’s a quick how-to for these ornaments for your tree.  They would probably make a pretty garland too.


  • Sheet music (1 page per ornament)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • String, twine, thread of your choice.
  • Glue and glitter (optional)

First, tear out your page and trim up the torn edge with your scissors.

Then, get to folding.  On the long edge, fan your page with 1/2″ to 3/4″ folds.  No need to be exact.  Just make them straight. 

Fold your fan in half and then cut it in half at your fold.

Now, round out your ends with your scissors so both ends of both pieces look like this.

At this point, if you want to put glitter on the edges, now is the time.  I squirted some plain ol’ school glue on a plate and dipped the rounded edges in it, and then into my gorgeous German glass glitter.  It’s really hard to get a good glittery picture.  Trust me, this stuff is so sparkly! Of course, you can use any glitter you like.

After your glitter has dried (if you are glittering), fold both pieces in half again, but don’t cut them.

Lay your pieces together like this and tie them in the middle with your string.  I used some jute that I had handy.

To complete the circle, hot glue each section together. And, there you have it!

You can even embellish the center of them.  I put a glittered letter on this one.

So easy and I can’t wait to get them on the tree.

I’m getting in the Christmas spirit!  Are you?

And here they are on my tree.

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Home Stories A2Z


Ideas for Scrabble Tiles

Who doesn’t love playing Scrabble?  Well, if you don’t and you have the game laying around, get it out and make some of these adorable crafts.

Here are a few great ideas from around blog land.

Check out the cute Christmas ornaments from Art is Beauty.  Simple, but so cute!

This is a really cute idea from Red Heads Craft More Fun.  What a great frame!

These coasters that were made for a wedding would also be great as gifts.  See a full tutorial at Intimate Weddings.

Who couldn’t use some wine glass charms?  These are super cute from 6 Degrees

So, get out those Scrabble game boxes and get crafty with them.  Thank you to all the bloggers for the inspiration!  Y’all go visit them and tell them I sent ya.


Christmas Craft/Gift #1

Well, I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  I’m still here.  Things have been so busy at the day job I haven’t had the energy or any motivation to work on projects, but I was definitely missing it and you guys.

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?  Christmas songs have started on the radio, the stores are all decorated, shopping has started and I thought I need to get busy!

If you are anything like me, money is really tight this year, so I’m going to come up with some home-made gifts for family and friends, and I thought I would share some ideas with you guys.  So, in the next few weeks, I will post my projects and share some other great ideas from around blog land with you all for gifts and decorating for the holidays.  I think the decorating is one of my favorite parts of this time of year and I’ve got some really great things to share with you.

So, lets get started!

Now, I know this project has been done, I didn’t think of it myself and there are other tutorials out there on it, but I thought I’d share with you the steps I took to create these cute decorative magnets.

Here’s what you need:

1 bag of large clear accent gems.  Found these at Dollar Tree.  They are the large ones (about 1″ in diameter). There are about 25 in each bag.

Mod Podge

Small paint brush – foam or bristle

From K & Company Life’s Journey paper pad

 Any kind of decorative paper.  I used scrapbook paper and sheet music.

Magnet tape. – You need it to be kind of strong because the gems are a little heavy.


Glue Gun.

First, cut out your images to fit on the flat side of the gems.  I traced around the edge and then cut them out.  Each gem is a little different.

Excuse the horrible picture.  Didn’t realize I only took one of this stage and it was wayyy out of focus.

Then take a little Mod Podge and brush some on the flat side of the gem and place your paper piece face down onto the glue and smooth it on.

Ok…this one isn’t much better.

Brush a little more Mod Podge onto the other side of the paper to protect it.

Cut your magnet tape and hot glue it to the bottom of the gem.

And…Ta Da!  You are done!

I made 6 sets of 4 to give as gifts.

Arent’ they cute?

 Love the sheet music ones.

So, here’s the cost break-down.

$1.00 – gems
$.25 – paper
$1 – magnetic tape (It is about $1.99 for a roll and I only used about half.)

So, $2.25 for 6 gifts!  Not bad.

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Christmas Tour

I’ve finally got everything decorated for Christmas, well for the most part, and I am loving the way the house looks. 

This is an antique frame that I picked up over the summer and I painted white and lightly sanded to show the detail in it.  It’s gorgeous.  I cheated a bit and just used a piece of black construction paper as a chalkboard and wrote “Oh Holy Night”.  One of my very favorite Christmas songs.  
The plate is from TJ Maxx ($2.99), the silver candle sticks from a thrift store $1 each and they are very heavy.  
The poof on the left one is a “snowball” made with coffee filters and a glass ball that I painted blue on the other.  And of course some sparkly stuff thrown in.  Gotta love sparkly.  I also made a coffee filter wreath for the dining room, and hung it over my big old window.  These are so easy to make and cost about $2 including the foam wreath and the ornaments – both from Dollar Tree. 
As you can see, I also added a little bling to my chandelier.  So pretty.
Very simple and only took about 45 minutes. 

I also added a few sparkly things to my shelves with my white dishes.  Can you spot the new things?  I got the ironstone cups and saucers from Goodwill for 25 cents each!!!

Here are the Dollar Tree hurricanes again decorated for Christmas.  Just a candle with silver snowflakes hot-glued to it.  Already had those from last year.

Here’s my lantern that I made over the summer from an old brass light fixture (see here).  Added a ceramic tree that I picked up at a yard sale that I painted white and sprinkled some blue glitter on.  Add white lights, ribbon, and some toole…done. 

Tray on the coffee table with some added sparkle.

The Tree glowing in all its glory.

I decorated the top shelf on my entertainment center with some white dishes I had, two more of those ceramic trees I painted, and some more sparkles.

And hung two of these gorgeous ornaments that I picked up on clearance at a Christmas in July sale.
I did spray paint them white and they are so much prettier than what they were.  Gotta love spray paint!

This is on the very top of my entertainment center.  I just wrapped a few boxes I had laying around, added some ribbon and a bow to one, a star ornament to the other.  More snowballs on top of glass candlesticks I had.  I also put a strand of white lights under some toole.  Love the effect. 

Over the sofa, I hung two wreaths in two picture frames I picked up at yard sales.

I love my new sparkly star.  Picked it up from Marshall’s for a song.

Most of the ornaments I got this year were from Dollar Tree and Wal-mart.  And the tree is an artificial one I picked up in the Spring at a yard sale for $5!!!  It’s really full and pretty, I lucked out.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m hoping to get hold of a camera and replace these pictures with better ones, but for now, these will have to do.  I just wanted to show off what I had done this year.  I’m pretty proud of creating all of this for so little money this year.  
Merry Christmas!!! 
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Visions of Christmas Dancing in My Head

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…well, not quite yet, but with all the TV commercials and decorations in the stores, it sure seems like it.  Yeah, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m planning on a new theme for my Christmas decor this year, and if I get my tree up the first week of December, I better get moving!

Also, seeing how my budget is very limited and I will be making and thrifting most of the decorations, I don’t have much time at all.

I actually put together my “new” tree last weekend in the basement to make sure all its parts were there and to see how it looked.  I picked it up at a yard sale this past Spring for $5.  I was extremely happy with the fullness and size of the tree when I got it up.  Yes!

So, what am I planning for this year’s decor?  I’m going with burlap and blue with a touch of red thrown in.  There will also be some silver for a little bling.  Gotta have some bling for Christmas, right?

Here’s some inspiration I have been collecting.

I plan on making some stockings like this with burlap and drop cloth, and maybe some fabric samples I picked up at JoAnne’s for $1 each. There were two huge bins full of the special order fabric samples.  I spent probably 30 minutes sifting through and had to edit what I picked at the end, or I would have spent like $30.  I think I got 6 pieces.  They will be great for pillows and other little projects. 

See how great a little red is with this blue?

Love this natural wreath with a little bling added.

I’m definitely making some of these.

And something like that Peace on Earth ornament. 

Love this burlap tree skirt from Ballard Designs.  Not paying $59 for it though.

Need to make some tiffany blue ornaments with paint like this.

And some sparkly pine cones like these Ballard ones.  Again, $15 for 3??  No way.

What is your inspiration for your holiday decor?

If I have used your picture from your blog, please let me know and I will give credit.  I should have recorded where I got them from.