Sheet Music Ornaments

Remember when you were little and made paper fans all the time?  Well, if you can remember how to make those, you can make these pretty ornaments.

 Every time I go into a thrift store, I look in the book section for sheet music books. They are usually $1 to $2 each, which is such a bargain because you can get so much out of them.  You can also print some sheet music if you like.

Here’s a quick how-to for these ornaments for your tree.  They would probably make a pretty garland too.


  • Sheet music (1 page per ornament)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • String, twine, thread of your choice.
  • Glue and glitter (optional)

First, tear out your page and trim up the torn edge with your scissors.

Then, get to folding.  On the long edge, fan your page with 1/2″ to 3/4″ folds.  No need to be exact.  Just make them straight. 

Fold your fan in half and then cut it in half at your fold.

Now, round out your ends with your scissors so both ends of both pieces look like this.

At this point, if you want to put glitter on the edges, now is the time.  I squirted some plain ol’ school glue on a plate and dipped the rounded edges in it, and then into my gorgeous German glass glitter.  It’s really hard to get a good glittery picture.  Trust me, this stuff is so sparkly! Of course, you can use any glitter you like.

After your glitter has dried (if you are glittering), fold both pieces in half again, but don’t cut them.

Lay your pieces together like this and tie them in the middle with your string.  I used some jute that I had handy.

To complete the circle, hot glue each section together. And, there you have it!

You can even embellish the center of them.  I put a glittered letter on this one.

So easy and I can’t wait to get them on the tree.

I’m getting in the Christmas spirit!  Are you?

And here they are on my tree.

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Ideas for Scrabble Tiles

Who doesn’t love playing Scrabble?  Well, if you don’t and you have the game laying around, get it out and make some of these adorable crafts.

Here are a few great ideas from around blog land.

Check out the cute Christmas ornaments from Art is Beauty.  Simple, but so cute!

This is a really cute idea from Red Heads Craft More Fun.  What a great frame!

These coasters that were made for a wedding would also be great as gifts.  See a full tutorial at Intimate Weddings.

Who couldn’t use some wine glass charms?  These are super cute from 6 Degrees

So, get out those Scrabble game boxes and get crafty with them.  Thank you to all the bloggers for the inspiration!  Y’all go visit them and tell them I sent ya.


Christmas Craft/Gift #1

Well, I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  I’m still here.  Things have been so busy at the day job I haven’t had the energy or any motivation to work on projects, but I was definitely missing it and you guys.

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?  Christmas songs have started on the radio, the stores are all decorated, shopping has started and I thought I need to get busy!

If you are anything like me, money is really tight this year, so I’m going to come up with some home-made gifts for family and friends, and I thought I would share some ideas with you guys.  So, in the next few weeks, I will post my projects and share some other great ideas from around blog land with you all for gifts and decorating for the holidays.  I think the decorating is one of my favorite parts of this time of year and I’ve got some really great things to share with you.

So, lets get started!

Now, I know this project has been done, I didn’t think of it myself and there are other tutorials out there on it, but I thought I’d share with you the steps I took to create these cute decorative magnets.

Here’s what you need:

1 bag of large clear accent gems.  Found these at Dollar Tree.  They are the large ones (about 1″ in diameter). There are about 25 in each bag.

Mod Podge

Small paint brush – foam or bristle

From K & Company Life’s Journey paper pad

 Any kind of decorative paper.  I used scrapbook paper and sheet music.

Magnet tape. – You need it to be kind of strong because the gems are a little heavy.


Glue Gun.

First, cut out your images to fit on the flat side of the gems.  I traced around the edge and then cut them out.  Each gem is a little different.

Excuse the horrible picture.  Didn’t realize I only took one of this stage and it was wayyy out of focus.

Then take a little Mod Podge and brush some on the flat side of the gem and place your paper piece face down onto the glue and smooth it on.

Ok…this one isn’t much better.

Brush a little more Mod Podge onto the other side of the paper to protect it.

Cut your magnet tape and hot glue it to the bottom of the gem.

And…Ta Da!  You are done!

I made 6 sets of 4 to give as gifts.

Arent’ they cute?

 Love the sheet music ones.

So, here’s the cost break-down.

$1.00 – gems
$.25 – paper
$1 – magnetic tape (It is about $1.99 for a roll and I only used about half.)

So, $2.25 for 6 gifts!  Not bad.

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I Actually Made Something From Pinterest – A Link Party

Ok, we all have Pinterest Boards full of inspiring stuff we want to make, wear, go, eat, etc.  But are we actually doing anything with all that inspiration?

Well, I know I haven’t done much at all, so here is our chance to get some of this D.O.N.E.


Pinterest Party Button

Just pick a project on your Pinterest board, make it, and share it with us.  So we can give credit where credit is due, please, please, please include a link to your inspiration photo.  And, you don’t even have to be a blogger.  Post pics of your projects on the Potentially Beautiful Facebook page

Your project doesn’t have to be an exact copy of your inspiration, make it your own.

When you are finished, come on back here and link up on Monday.  If all goes well, we will party every Monday with all our awesome, inspired projects!

If you aren’t a Pinterest-aholic yet, like most of us, just let me know and I will send you an invite.  Yeah…I want you to be an addict too.  There is no 7-step program, yet. 

Since Christmas is in less than 2 months (oh my gosh!), we will be having a special party on Monday, November 21 for everyone to show off some Christmas projects.  Feel free to link up holiday projects before then though.

So, go on over to Pinterest and pick your project and git ‘r done (I couldn’t help myself).  We party on Monday Oct. 31!

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for any addiction to Pinterest this may cause in any way, shape, or form.  🙂


A Little Fall Wreath and Olde Salem Days

Under $5 Project

You guys know I’m all about projects on the cheap.   From a new light fixture for $5 to a bathroom makeover for $25.  It’s fun to me (maybe I’m just weird like that) to see how little I can spend on a project.  Or, maybe its that I’m half broke all the time and I do what I gotta do to get what I want.  🙂 

So, here’s another really quick and very inexpensive project for ya.

I picked up a tray at the Goodwill a while back for $1.95 that still had the Steinmart tag on it for $29.95!  Bargain!  But, the style of it didn’t really go with mine and is a little out.  But, no worries about that, right?

So, as I was painting my lamp shades, I also grabbed this tray up and painted the wood the same Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg blue. I forgot to take a picture of the tray at this point by itself, but, see it in the background there?  (I know…bad blogger.)

I picked up an awesome paper pad (K & Company’s Life Journey) at Michael’s a few weeks ago (with a coupon of course) that had this awesome map paper in it.  And wouldn’t you know, the bottom of the tray was exactly 12×12 so the paper fit exactly!  That just doesn’t happen in my world.  It was fate.

So, with a little Mod Podge, I glued the paper down and then put a coat over the top and done!

Another project for under $5.  Love it!

The My Memories giveaway has been extended until September 12.  Get over there and enter!!  Also check out the coupon code on my sidebar to use at any time for $10 off the software and $10 off a store purchase. 

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Café ole!

Ok, I couldn’t think of another coffee related title, that’s all that would come to mind.

About a month ago, I picked these coffee bags up at a salvage store here in town for…FREE!  There were lots of them in a huge bin by the road with a sign that said FREE.  I was all over it.  The only problem, that’s when we were drowning in rain and most of them were completely soaked and smelled horrible.  I would have taken them all but I couldn’t stand the thought of that smell in the car long enough to get home.  So I only took the driest three I could find.

Enter a beat up old frame I picked up at a yard sale for $1.

And a can of black spray paint.

And of course distress the paint a little so some of that red shows through. Then staple the bag to the back of the frame, pulling it tight.

Attach a D ring to hang…

And, there you have some cool art for a coffee lover.


I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’m sure someone will love this.  I can’t imagine drinking hot coffee in this boiling heat.  87 degrees at 9:00 p.m. – YUCK!

Not bad for about $4 (including the paint), huh?

Now what to do with the other 2 bags.  Hmmmm.  

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My Country Tis of Thee…

 Can you believe June is coming to an end?  Time is just flying by.  It will soon be time to celebrate the 4th of July and here is a little project for the occasion.

I found some cabinet samples at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $1.95 each.  I knew I could figure out something to do with them.

So, I painted them with a little chalk paint and then sanded and distressed them a little and waxed.

Then I took a few pages of patriotic songs from an old Baptist hymnal I picked up at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store (they had a sale – fill a bag with hardback books for $2.00 – I got all the old books they had).

Then took a little Mod Podge and glued them into the center panel.

Then I took an old 4th of July themed postcard and put it on top with some 3D dots to make it stand out a little from the music.

What do you think?

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My first public sale

Whew!  It has been a very busy week getting ready for my first public sale.  I have painted, waxed, glued, painted, sanded, and painted some more, but I’m happy with the results.

I decided to try and have the sale at home and so far it’s not working out really great, because I think people expected yard sale prices, but I have had a lot of great comments and several ladies that do similar work have stopped by to check me out.  Kinda flattering.  It has been great meeting them and I think they have me convinced to put my things in a booth in a local shop. 

Here are a few of the pieces I have, I will post more on the details later.  I will have a nice leisurely afternoon and tomorrow…I’m pooped.

Dresser/buffet with book page top. Yep, this was a roadside rescue!  Love it.

I made lavender sachets…they smell soooo good!

I love how this chair turned out.  It was pretty easy making the imitation grain sack. 

I love this bed and dresser together.  That mirror on the left…it weighs about 1,000 pounds.  Beveled. Beautiful.

Ok, I’ve got lots to clean up (my house is a disaster).  Wait, I was going to relax.  Hmmm, well maybe after cleaning a little. It’s stressing me out. 


Who Knew…

burlap would be so popular to decorate with?  It’s scratchy, makes a mess when you work with it, but it is oh so versatile and adds some wonderful texture that I just love. And…its cheap!

Here are some projects I have used burlap in.

Back in the Fall, I added added burlap to the backs of my built-in shelves in my dining room.  I love how it turned out and allows the dishes to pop.

 Burlap was the perfect solution to fill this huge mirror frame that I picked up at the Habitat ReStore for a song.  I just added some batting and stapled it in.  Instant headboard.

 What a simple but effective use for burlap in this frame.  Love it.

Next on my list is to make a table runner in a lighter color burlap for my dining table.  Something like this…

Source:  Living with Lindasy

 I have to wait until after April 15th though…our one and only fabric store in town is moving to a new location and they have no stock! 

Oh, and some of these burlap pillows…

What have you made with burlap?

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