CVS, Walgreens, and Coupons, Oh My!

Looks like its going to be a great shopping week.

There are 4, yes 4, coupon inserts in the Sunday paper this week.  I usually pick up 2 papers at my local Dollar Tree for $1 each.  They are $1.75 at any other store, so I’m saving already.  Yay!  Why do I get 2?  For the coupons, duh!  If there is a great sale on something that I have a coupon for, I want to pick up more than one while its on sale.  This is why we have a stockpile of razors (I never pay more than $1 for good razors that are normally $9 each), toothpaste, soap, dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.  For all the people claim that they don’t use coupons because there are never coupons for stuff they really use…you don’t use razors, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.????  If you just use them for this stuff and buying when its on sale, you could be saving A LOT!!  I probably have enough of these things on hand to last for at least a few months.  I will do another post on how this all works soon, I promise.

Here is the weekly link to the CVS and Walgreens shopping lists to match up with your coupons.  Last week wasn’t that great, but looks like they have made up for it this week.

On the Southern Savers site, you can create your shopping list so easily and it lists all the coupon match-ups.  Here is my shopping list for CVS.  I just checked the items I wanted and then clicked on “Create Shopping List” at the bottom.  So easy!

Its also a new month, so all the printable coupon sites have reset and have added new coupons.  Be sure to check those out also.

Have a great shopping week!!


CVS Weekly Ad

My favorite coupon match-up blog Southern Savers puts together a weekly shopping list with all the ECB deals and what coupons to match up with the sales.  Hop on over and make your shopping list

Check out my post on How to CVS for details on how to shop CVS for all the great deals. 

Happy Saving!!!

How to CVS

Up until about 3 months ago, I rarely stepped foot in a CVS store unless I had a prescription to fill or it was the only store around and I really needed something.  Well, that hardly ever happened because I usually got my prescriptions at Kroger and there are plenty of other stores around.  Back then, I also would have never thought that anything at CVS would be cheaper than the “W” store (Wal-Mart).  So much has changed in the past few months.  I LOVE CVS!!!

 I’m sure there are many more of you out there that think the same way I did a few months ago.  Well, I’m going to show you how to love CVS for yourself.

Do you have a CVS Extra Care Card?  If you do, you are ready to go.  If not, just pick one up at your nearest CVS from the cashier or register for one online.  Its best to get one in store so you can start saving money right away.  If you already have a card or get one make sure you register your card online with your email address and they will email you an ECB (see below) coupon to get started.

 What is an ECB?  ECB stands for Extra Care Bucks = Free Money!  ECBs will be your best friend at CVS.  Unlike most grocery store loyalty cards, your Extra Care card will not save you on particular items, but you get rewards, ECBs, when you make certain purchases.  The ECBs will print out with your receipt for you to use on your next purchase.  The items that reward with ECBs are listed in the weekly sales flyer and on the tags in the store.

Use the Extra Care Kiosk.  When you walk into the store there will be a big red kiosk where you can scan your Extra Care card and print out extra CVS store coupons and ECBs.  More free money!!  Tip:  scan your card two or even 3 times and more ECBs will print out.  Kaching!

So how does this all work?  The easiest way for me to explain is to give you an example of a shopping trip to CVS.

First, I look at the CVS weekly ad and make a plan of what I need and what’s on sale and most importantly, what items will give me ECBs.  Also, I match my manufacturer coupons with the sale items to save even more.  You can stack manufacturer coupons with CVS coupons also.  (Stacking coupons is using a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for one item.  For example, when you scanned your CVS card at the kiosk a store coupon printed for $1 off one Pantene hair care item.  You also have a coupon clipped from the newspaper insert for $1.00 off one Pantene product.  You can use both of these coupons on one Pantene item for a total of $2.00 off!)

So, here’s our shopping trip.

(2) Head and Shoulders family size shampoos on sale for $4.99 each
(1) Papermate 10 count pens on sale for $0.99 each
(2) Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste B1G1 free $2.99
(2) General Mills cereal B1G1 Free $4.79

Total before coupons and ECBs – $18.75
B1G1 Free manu coupon for Head & Shoulders ($4.79 max value) $4.79
(2) Colgate manu coupons $0.75 each – $1.50
Cereal manu coupon $1.00 off 2 – $1.00
$4 ECB that printed on the kiosk – $4
$4 off $20 purchase ECB I had from previous kiosk scan $4.00
$2 ECB from previous purchase – $2

Total out of pocket $1.46 plus tax!   You just saved 92%!

And…you got $2.00 and $.99 in ECBs to use on your next purchase.

Now you can see why I am in love with CVS.

Also, make sure you visit one of my favorite blogs Southern Savers  for more information on CVS and for a weekly list of all the great deals at CVS.  She also matches up the current coupons available with the sales for you, so all you have to do is make your shopping list from there.

Happy CVSing!!