Distressing with Water

It’s been a while since I’ve done a furniture painting how-to, so I thought I’d share my new favorite way to distress a painted piece. If you are using chalk paint, like CeCe Caldwell‘s or Annie Sloan‘s, before waxing, you … Continue reading

Spray Painting Wicker

It definitely felt a lot like Spring here in Southwest Virginia this weekend so I felt the need to get the front porch in shape for some Spring color by painting my yard sale wicker chairs.

I bought two of these wicker chairs last year at a yard sale and paid $15 for the pair.  They were sturdy, but definitely needed some spiffing up.

Nothing that a few cans of spray paint won’t fix.  I picked up three of these at Big Lots last week but only used about 2 1/2 cans.

One tip for spray painting wicker: Spray from all directions so that the paint gets into all the nooks and crannies.  

And now, they look all pretty again.  I can’t wait to add some color with flower on the porch.

Another quick before/after.

I’ve got big plans for the porch, so stay tuned as I continue the porch makeover.

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Post from the past: A Favorite Furniture Makeover

This was one of my favorite furniture makeovers before I discovered chalk paint.  It was a hard one to give up.

To see the entire transformation in this post from the past, click here.

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Repurpose a TV Armoire

Do you have one of these monster pieces of furniture sitting around that your new flat screen television doesn’t fit into?

Don’t know what to do with it?

Repurpose it!

These television armoires were really popular before flat screens came out and a lot of us have them sitting around and you can find lots of them on Craigslist and thrift stores for pretty cheap.  Don’t get rid of it just yet or pass by that one there in the thrift store.  Just searching Craigslist today, I found two that are listed for under $75.

With just a few adjustments, you can make it a very useful piece of furniture in your home.


Need an office, but don’t have an extra room in the house?  Put in a pull-out shelf (some already have them) and add some pretty boxes for storage, then add a bulletin board to the inside of the door and presto-change-o, you have an office that you can close up when not in use.  I love the color they used inside this one.  A great little office space.

via Maple and Magnolia

Don’t have a craft room but need a space to keep all your supplies organized? Paint it a pretty color, add a few shelves and make a craft armoire. I like all the labeled bins in this one.  Great way to organize everything.

Need extra storage space in the kitchen or don’t have a pantry.  Fill it up with pots and pans, all those kitchen appliances or all your canned goods.

Photo courtesy of diy Design Fanatic.

And, what girl wouldn’t love this!  Room for all her jewelry, makeup, hair stuff, and clothes below.  A great use for an old tv cabinet, right?

Via Edge Designs

One more…How cute is this? What a perfect changing table this makes for a nursery.

Now, drag that big old thing up out of the basement and don’t just walk by that big ol’ monster of possibility in the store.  Make it work for whatever your home is in need of…an office, a craft room, a pantry or whatever else you can dream up.

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A Goodwill Dresser Lives Again

Would you have given this dresser a second look if you were browsing through your local Goodwill?

You probably first notice all the scratches, discoloring, water stains where I notice its solid wood, drawers all work nicely, nothing broken.

I basically ran over and ripped the ticket right off, especially when I saw it was only $20.  SOLD!

This was going to work perfectly in my living room to act as a media console, as I sold my china cabinet turned media cabinet when I moved.  I loved it, but it wasn’t going to work in the new place.  This dresser was perfect.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to the rescue.  I debated over colors…Old White, Duck Egg, Louis Blue.  Then I realized I wanted a little color in the living room.  It was pretty much all shades of white, which I love.  But it needed just a little color.  I decided to make a custom mix of Duck Egg and Louis Blue, toning down the green in the Duck Egg just a little.

So, I grabbed my trusty Purdy paint brush (love this brush) and a red Solo cup of Louis Duck (as I have named it) and went to town.  I was planning on distressing pretty heavily, so I only did one coat and it covered beautifully. Did you hear the “Red Solo cup! I fill you up!” song in your head just now? It was in my head the whole time I was painting.  🙂

Then when it was all dry (about 10 minutes later – love this paint) went to town with my sanding block (fine grit) and sanded away making the finish as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  Then brushed on the clear soft wax and buffed.  Put the hardware back on and she was finished in under an hour and a half.  Again…love this paint.

Here she is in all her glory.  Love the little bit of color it gives the room. 

One more money shot.

So, when you see that piece of furniture that’s all beat up and sad with an awesome price tag…scoop it up, bring it home and give it just a little love.  You won’t be sorry.

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Lovely Old Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday everybody.  Can you believe September is almost over?  This month has quickly disappeared before my eyes.

I love old wardrobes.  But seriously, did people’s entire wardrobes fit inside one of these?  I guess they just had fewer clothes than we do now.  Not that I have a lot, but I don’t think even half or a quarter of my wardrobe would fit in one of these.  I still love them.

They have so many other uses.  You could store linens, craft supplies, even kitchen appliances.

I picked up this one off of Craigslist along with a few other pieces that I will share later.

It was in great shape, but beat up on the outside.  So, I broke out the Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Louis Blue and Old White.

This time, I tried a new technique with the wax.  I mixed in a little Old White with the wax to tone down the blue a little.  I love the effect and the variations in color.  The blue looks worn, which I love.

I left the inside as is, except for the drawers which were really scratched up.  I just cleaned the rest of the wood really good.  It was a bit grimy.

What do you think?  This lovely piece is at Buy the Season.

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Table Meets Chair

There once was a lonely chair, all battered and bruised.  She patiently waited in the corner of a room for months…waiting for that perfect companion to come along and save her.

She had about given up hope when this pretty table arrived and sat down next to her.  She wasn’t as battered as the chair, but was also in need of some tender loving care.

The table also had talent.  She could turn her top up sideways.  The chair knew they would be the best of friends.

Ok…snapping out of fairy tale land.  LOL

I did have this chair for several months and it was just waiting for some inspiration to come along.  Then I found the table this past weekend.  The color wasn’t quite right (kind of a celery green) and the finish was a bit too shiny for my taste.  When I sat it down next to the chair though, I knew they had to go together.

So, I broke out the Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint tonight…Duck Egg blue was my choice.  the table and chair both got a good coat of paint, I’d say one and a half coats.  I just had to touch up a couple places with a second coat…not the whole thing. Yes, I painted them both on top of my dining room table.  I did have protection down though.  Don’t judge. 🙂

Paint’s about dry.

The table needed a little something, so I broke out a stencil I’ve had forever and a little white paint and that did just the trick.

I covered the seat of the chair with a piece of a mattelasse bedspread and they were finished.

They are the perfect friends and will live happily ever after.

The End.

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Cool Find and a Sneak Peak

Lookie what I found…

I love these old desk chairs.  It’s got great swivel and is in beautiful condition.  I won’t be painting this.  Just a quick polishing with some Old English on a few scratches and he will be ready for the shop. About time I put something new in.

This past weekend I shared on Twitter and Facebook something I’m working on. (Be sure to follow me there for all kinds of fun extra stuff.)  My living room sofa has had it.  It was a sofa bed and was starting to sink in the middle and you could feel the metal below if you sat too long.  I couldn’t stand it another minute.

I had been thinking of making a day bed for the living room since I don’t have a guest room so I finally started it using an old twin bed frame.  It’s up, but I’m going to paint it this weekend and add a little detail.  It’s soooo much more comfy and so far has only cost me $15 for a new to me twin camper mattress (thick foam mattress). 

Here’s a sneak peak.

Stay tuned for the final reveal and a few secrets.

So, what are you working on this week?

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I Felt the Earth Move Under My….Chair

What a day, huh?  As I’m sure all of you know, we had the largest earthquake in Virginia since 1897, a 5.9 on the Richter Scale.  It was felt all the way from Toronto, Canada to Alabama.  Crazy!  I was working and had my earphones in (watching listening to Design Star) and thought someone came up behind me and shook my chair and whole cube.  Nope…earthquake!  We’ve since had a few aftershocks, the latest a 4.2 at 8:04 pm tonight (when I was again trying to watch Design Star – what’s up with that?).  Let’s just hope they are all aftershocks and not foreshocks.

By the way, are you all watching this season’s Design Star on HGTV?  I love this show.  Do you have a favorite?  My favorites are Mark, Karl, and Meg, although Meg disappointed me this week.

So, on to a furniture makeover.

As you know, I’m helping a reader, Julie, makeover her master bedroom. (See original posts here and here.)  We almost have everything finished, and will be revealing the final product soon.  She is loving the elements so far, which make me so happy.

We are only painting one piece of furniture in her room, her desk.  She told me she was about ready to sell it because it was so boring.  Oh no…we can fix that!

Here’s what we started with.  A great solid wood desk, but yes, it needed a little oomph. So, I loaded her up and took her home with me to work a little magic.

If you will remember is Julie’s bedroom moodboard, our inspiration was a blue/white desk painted by Miss Mustard Seed.

So, I painted the base of the desk Old White (Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint of course) in two thinned coats.

Then the drawers in Duck Egg.

Lightly sanded the whole thing to make it smooth and did a little distressing all over.

Then it was time to wax.

Here is a picture of the difference in an unwaxed and waxed drawer.  See the nice sheen on the after?  To get this finish, I just brush on the wax let it dry for a few minutes – usually by the time I get all the waxing finished, its ready to be buffed where I began.  On the drawers, I just buffed with my wax brush.  You can also use a soft cloth.

And…here’s the finished product!

And to think, she was getting ready to sell this!  Can’t wait to see it in her bedroom.

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Thrifted Table in Duck Egg

I got a new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color to play with…Duck Egg and I love the color.

Catfish Creative Furnishings is my ASCP Stockist.

I decided that one of the tables I picked up at a thrift store would be perfect for it.

Yep, picked up this little table for just $4.50 at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

No sanding, no priming, just painting.  Love this paint, as I may have told you before. Just one coat did the trick.  I also added a little Old White to bring out some details and distressed.

And, here is the finished product.

Lovely legs.

Finish is smooth as a baby’s bottom.

My kitty gave it his approval too.

This is going to Buy the Season this week.

Here’s a sneak peak at another table I’m working on.

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