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Here are a few lovelies from this week.

What gorgeousness…Love the numbers, typography and textures all over this.  Those chandeliers…be still my heart.



I’m so doing this to the next bed I find.  I’m on the lookout!



Living in this bedroom would definitely make me happy.  There are some really great tips in this post.  Do you make your bed every day?  I do about 75% of the time.  I need to do it more often.



Have a beautiful weekend!


How to Add Color Without Painting Walls

It’s winter time and there isn’t much color going on outside, which leaves me wanting some color inside.  For the most part, my house is very neutral with just a few pops of color here and there and I find myself wanting to add more.  I’m about to give my bedroom a full makeover and paint the walls, but in the other rooms, I like the wall color neutral as it is, but the rooms need some color!

In the living room, I just recently painted a dresser a nice blue/green (see that post here) which brought in a little bit of color, but I’m wanting more.

If you don’t know already, I’m a renter.  In this house, I’m allowed to paint, but I know a lot of my fellow renters are not given that option.  So, here are some ways to add some color if you don’t want to change the walls or just want to keep that neutral background.  And of course, ways to do it on a small budget, cause that’s how we do it around here.


Probably the easiest way to gain a lot of color in a room is with drapery.  Let’s face it, some drapery can be very expensive though.  Here are a few ways to get the look without breaking the bank.

Make curtains out of a flat sheet like Meredith at Welcome to Heardmont did in her dining room.  What great color this brings to the room and for very little $$.  She has a great tutorial on how to transform a sheet into curtains, also.  She sewed hers, but I have made them before with just the iron-on tape like Stitch Witchery.

Courtesy BHG

In this picture, notice how everything but the drapes and lamp are very neutral.  Just with those two things, especially the drapes, no one would say that room is boring.

You can also use a tablecloth for great fabric.  I just picked up two 60×102 tablecloths from Target that I’m making into curtains for my living room for $7.98 each!  Stay tuned for that post.

Some great places I like to purchase ready-made drapery for just a little cash are Big Lots, TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods, Target, Ikea (if you have one near you).


Another great way to add some color is with art.  No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.  You can even DIY it.

Courtsey BHG

Now, this room is popping with color!  But look at the bones of the room…all neutral.  The art on wall is just fabric wrapped around a board and a canvas.  How simple is that?  And what a big impact it makes. Do you see some other simple ways to add color in this picture?


Who doesn’t love frames?  You can pick them up in all sizes at a thrift store for almost nothing.  Get out some spray paint in your fav color and go to town!  Then hang them in a collage and you are done.  Easy peasy.


One of my favorite ways to add some color is with painted furniture.  Just like my newly painted tv console, just one piece of painted furniture in a room can give it a new life. You can go more subtle, like I think my console is, or more bold, like Miss Mustard Seed’s Swiss Miss dresser.

via Miss Mustard Seed

What a statement this would make in your room. Love it!


Your lamps and light fixtures not only bring in a lot a light to a room, but can also bring in some great pops of color.


I’ve got a chandelier in my basement right now that I may tackle with an awesome color for my bedroom makeover.


You can also hit an old brass lamp from the GW with a can of spray paint and make it brand new and colorful.

Or add some great fabric like on the yellow lamp or even some yarn to the shade like Mandi at Vintage Revivals did with this one.  Love it!

So, are you inspired to add some color to your rooms?  I know I am.

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Is there anything I won’t paint?

I’ve had a thing for lamps lately and picked up these two a few weeks ago at the Rescue Mission thrift store.

The shades that were on them were really yellowish and well…ugly. I’ve been looking for new shades for them but didn’t want to spend more than I spent on the lamps themselves.

As I was cleaning today, I got distracted (hello ADD) and started a little project.  Projects are more fun than cleaning, right?

While I had my ASCP paint out I looked at those lamp shades and thought….why not try it?

Yes I did…I painted the lamp shades ASCP duck egg blue.

I did water down the paint pretty good (probably about 3 parts paint to 1 part water) and just painted it on.

I put the shade back on to see what it looked like and I liked!

Here’s a few tips if you want to try this.

1.  Make sure you paint in even coats – You may need to touch up with the shade on and light turned on so you can see the difference.

2.  When you do put the shade on to check for even painting, don’t mind the smoke steam.  It is just steam from the heat of the light on the wet paint.

The color looks much better against the white lamp than that yellowish icky color it was to begin with. 

Have you painted anything unusual?

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Less than $20 Makeovers and a Challenge

Can you make a change in your home that will really make a difference for less than $20?  You bet you can.

Here are just a few things I have done in my own home for less than $20 that I think made a huge difference.

1.  Line the back of shelves with fabric.



These built-in shelves in my dining room were quite boring before and just adding a little of my favorite burlap to the back added much needed color and texture and makes my accessories really stand out.  You could do this with paper or even a little paint.  I just stapled the burlap up there. So easy and cost less than $6.

2.  Change a light fixture.



Chandelier Rehab post here

I hated that ugly lantern-looking fixture in my dining room and even though I am a renter, I’m not afraid to change some lighting. (Just save the old ones to put back up before you move.)  And, yes, you can find light fixtures for less than $20, at yard sales, thrift stores, etc.  Look for a shape you like or even just parts of it.  A little spray paint or reconfiguring can go a long way.  I found this one at my local Habitat Restore for $10.  It was brass, but I just spray painted it and added a little scrapbook paper to the plastic candle things that were discolored and a little broken and presto…new pretty fixture for under $20!  It made a big difference in how the room felt and how I felt about the room.

3.  Paint a piece of furniture.

Do you have a dresser, coffee table, side tables, or even your dining room table that could use some updating or just needs some spiffing up?  Just a little paint can go a long way in this department.

Dresser Update post here

This dresser was all beat up and didn’t go with my color scheme any longer.  Just a little time, some white paint and some spray paint for the handles, and it was new again.

4.  Change things up. This can even be FREE!

If you are anything like me, my decor is always changing but I’m not necessarily buying all new stuff.  For example, this shelf which I call my “fantle” because I don’t have a fireplace mantle to decorate so it’s my fake mantle or “fantle.” 

This was from this past Spring (my blog used to be titled Living on a Dime).

Spring Mantle Post Here

Every season this gets changed up and brings fresh look to the room. I mostly shop my house for things I already have and may add one or two new things that are really inexpensive or that I make.

And here it is now:

I already had everything here but the shells, which I bought for like $7 at Michael’s.  See the post on Beachy Mantle here.

So, change things up a little.  Go shopping in your own home.  Move a chair in from another room, move the artwork around or just bring in a new accent color.

A challenge for me

My challenge for myself this weekend is to change the look of my 1/2 bath, especially that nasty 1970’s green and yellow floor. 

Really…who ever thought that looked good??  YUCK!

I’m ok with everything from the baseboards up, but I can’t focus on anything but the ugly floor every time I go in there.  And it just never looks clean, so that really irritates me.  And, I’m going to do it for no more than $20!  Yep. 

Here is my inspiration pic.

Courtesy House of Turquoise

Love the clean white floors and the board and batten.  So light, bright and clean.  Do you think I can make a change like this for less than $20? 

We will see how it goes.


How-To Insall a Light Fixture – don’t be skeered

Being a single mom, I have had to learn how to do things for myself since there hasn’t been a man around.  Heck, I think I even did these things when I did have one around (hence part of the reason I don’t have that one around any more).  Anywho….I know a lot of women out there, and some men, are scared to mess with electricity.  I agree, that doing anything much more complicated than this should be left to the professionals, but I think we can handle unscrewing a few wires and connecting new ones.

****I AM NOT A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN.  This How-To is just how I do it and I have never gotten electrocuted or anything.

The most important first thing to do is make sure the power supply is OFF to the fixture you are working on.

I turn on the light that I will be changing and then go to the electrical box and turn off the breaker that goes to that room and then make sure the light that I turned on is now off.  Don’t even think about removing anything before you TURN OFF THE BREAKER.

Next, proceed to unscrew your current light fixture from the ceiling.  You may need some help to hold the fixture if it is heavy while you do the next step.

You should now have your fixture hanging by the wires.  Or your fixture base could be screwed into the fixture strap.

Photo source.

Now, you can unscrew the wirenuts on each of the wires.  There should be a white and black wire and a copper wire that is attached to a blue or green screw, usually on the fixture strap.

There…you have now removed your old light fixture and are ready for the new one.

Now, just do what you did before in reverse.

I usually screw in the new fixture base a little to the fixture strap so that it will hold while I connect the wires.

Connect the matching wires to each other – black to black, white to white.  Wrap the fixture wire around the wire from the ceiling clockwise and then screw your wirenut on, also clockwise until it is tight.  Also reconnect your copper ground wire to the blue or green screw on your fixture strap.

Sometimes, the wires on your fixture, especially if it is an older one that you have refurbished, are the same color.  Then you just have to guess which one goes where.  Connect them and then turn your power back on at the junction box and see if it works, if it does not, turn the power back off at your breaker box and reconnect to the other way around.  Even if it does work, turn your power back off at the breaker box until you are completely finished.

Now, put all the wires into the junction box and screw your fixture base onto the fixture strap.

Turn your power back on at the breaker box and you are finished!  And still alive and don’t look like this

Photo Source

Oh, wait, I think she meant to look like that.  LOL

So, now, instead of the boob…

You can have this…

See my post on this light here.

Ahhhh…much better. 

So, get to it ladies!  And don’t be skeered.

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Yep, I made this…

Ok, I’m pretty proud and amazed this actually worked without any on-the-fly engineering.

Ballard Designs

I’m sure you have seen plenty of these drum shade chandeliers around, like this one from Ballard Designs for $229. (Really??)

I bet you didn’t think I could make one for about $5, did ya? 

Did ya?

Well, as I was strolling through Target the other night I happened on these babies.

Yeah, the teal ribbon trim on them wasn’t right, but for $4.98 each I snagged up three of them real quick like, knowing I could make them my own.

Then, I thought about the left over parts from my lantern project and a light bulb went off.  Drum shade chandelier! 

So, I played with the parts first to make sure it would work, then got out the spray paint and painted the parts white.

I ripped off that teal ribbon on the shade and wrapped some jute around the top and bottom and hot-glued it on.

Then assembled the light.  I lucked out that the shade just sits perfectly in between the light sockets.  I didn’t even have to glue it or anything. 

Then, I wired it in (ladies, don’t be scared of this…it really is simple).  Love it.

Here’s what you see looking up at it.

It fits perfectly in my bedroom.

Oh, I used the other two shades, fixed with the same trim, in the living room replacing these yucky fake leather shades.

Much better.

Yep, three new lights for under $15.  Score.

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Yet another use for drop cloth

I bet the drop cloth industry is wondering why their sales have increased so much over the past year or so.  Who knew so much could be done with this material?  Curtains, slipcovers, table runners, and now a pretty little rosette to embellish my lamp.

Feeling a little crafty late last night (10:00 p.m.) I went rifling through my craft closet not really sure what I wanted to do.  I found a plastic bag with scraps of drop cloth material from various projects and an idea popped in my head to try and make a fabric rosette.  I’ve been wanting to make some for a lamp shade in my bedroom.  Not really sure how to make them, I got out my scissors and glue gun and started trying.

This wasn’t so hard.  So, here’s a little tutorial for ya.

What you need:

  • A strip of fabric about 1″ wide and 24″ long.  Of course I used drop cloth, but I’m sure just about any fabric will work.
  • Glue gun.

To start, fold your strip of fabric in half lengthwise and start with a tight roll, about three turns, adding a dab of glue on the sides to hold it together.  It will look something like this. (Please excuse the blurry pics, obviously the late night didn’t agree with my photo skills, what skills there are.)

Then, loosely start twisting your fabric then gluing it to the spiral already created. 

Just keep twisting and burning your fingers gluing in a spiral until you are almost at the end of your fabric.  To finish it off, fold the last half inch or so of fabric toward the back of the rosette and glue it down.

Ta Da!  You have a cute little rosette to embellish almost anything with…lampshades, glue a pin to the back and wear it on a sweater, put on a pillow, anywhere you want.

Best of all…it was FREE! 
I am going to try some more of these with some different fabrics.

Have fun!

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St. Patty’s Parade and a Reveal

Spring is finally here!  We have had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Roanoke following a very rainy week.  And what better way to kick off Spring than a parade.

Here are a few highlights of our St. Patty’s Day parade.

Don’t you love the bagpipes?  Check out how tall the leader was compared to the others in the band.

Here’s another bagpipe group.  I think there were five in the whole parade.  Love it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 

And now…I’ve finally finished my bedroom.  Well…except for a few other accessories that I will be looking for at upcoming yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

Most everything here I picked up at thrift stores or already had and just painted or repurposed to use in the room. The headboard was a mirror frame for a dresser that I picked up at the Habitat ReStore for $10.  It didn’t have the mirror in it, so I just painted the frame white and covered the backing with some foam, batting and burlap.  Easy peasy…and cheap.

The sunburst mirror above the bed I made out of poster board, a wood round and small mirror.  See how I made that here.

The shelves on the long wall were in my daughter’s room and were black.  Spray paint to the rescue and they are now white.  I also spray painted the frame, put in some burlap and attached the starfish with some string.  Viola…art.

As you can see, the colors I’m using are white, apple green and natural burlap.  I’m also adding in a little pink here and there.

This dresser was also my daughter’s and was black.  I picked it up several years ago for I think $40.  I painted it white with some paint I already had.  It was looking a little boring, so I stamped the top with some apple green acrylic paint that I had and put on a coat of Wipe-on Poly.  
I also added a little detail on the top drawer with a stencil and Texture Magic dimensional paint.  I’ll show you a how-to later.

This is looking into the room.  It is a small room, but it seems much smaller in this pic.  I’m still debating on painting that desk.  For curtains, I purchased a white sheet at Wal-Mart for $7, cut it in half, created a pocket at the top with Stitch Witchery and hung that baby up.  Oh….spray painted the curtain white also.  Gotta love spray paint.

The table I got on Craigslist last year and painted and stained.  See that project here.  I picked up the lamp at Dollar General.   Who knew they had lamps?  It was a bronzy color and yes…I spray painted that also and added a lamp shade from K-mart.

This other lamp, I picked up at a yard sale last year.  I think she threw it in for free because I bought the desk and another dresser and nightstand.  I just added a few flowers inside for color.

So, what do you think?  I like that I will be able to change out the accent color when I’m ready for a change.  Overall, I spent about $75 including paint for the walls (which is Natural Linen by Glidden) and the accessories.  Not bad…not bad at all.

Happy Spring Y’all!


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Goodwill Transformation

I was in my local Goodwill a few weeks ago and spotted this yucky brass beauty high up on the shelf just begging to be taken home and turned into something beautiful.  For only $3.00, I snatched it right up and took it home. 

I had remembered seeing a fixture like this turned into a cute lantern somewhere in blogland and decided that is what it would be.  So, I proceeded to take out all the lighting parts, which I saved just in case I figure out something to do with them, and broke out the black spray paint.  The part on top was in 3 pieces, so I just superglued them together.  I didn’t even cover the glass…I just sprayed and then when it was dry, scraped the glass with a razor blade. 

And…drumroll….this is how it turned out.  Gotta love spray paint!

Since its  Fall, I added in some little pumpkin, apple, and sprigs I picked up at Michael’s.  I love it!

What have you picked up at a thrift store lately that you’ve transformed?

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Brass – Yuck; Heirloom White – Ahhhh

I was rummaging through our local Habitat Restore recently and went in the lighting section.  I’ve been looking for a cheap chandelier for my dining room because the one there now is hideous!  Yes, its a rental and yes, I shouldn’t change it, but I can NOT live with this thing.  Could you?

So, I look down and find a simple brass chandelier with some ugly frosted glass globes on it, but the lines of it are what I was looking for.  I took off the shades and put them on the shades shelf for somebody else to take and off I went with my new chandelier for $10!

Not the exact one I got, but similar.

Ok…I’m new at blogging and I get excited to start a project and completely forget to take before pictures.  I need to get better at that. 

Anyway, I found a picture of a similar one, so this is kind of my before.

By the way, I also need a better camera and some photography lessons.

So, as you can see, I painted that bad boy my favorite (and everybody else’s) Heirloom White to go into my dining room.  A few of the plastic posts (not sure what they are called) were chipped on the top so I decided to cover them with some scrapbook paper.  Gotta love all the uses for scrapbook paper we can come up with.  I also used some antiquing medium to highlight some of the details in the swirls.

So, now all I have to do is hang it.  I’m also thinking of making a cord cover for it, maybe out of some of my leftover burlap.  hmmm.

Doesn’t it look much better than that ugly lantern looking thing?  I think so.  Ignore the fact that only one of my dining chairs is white…that’s another project in progress. 



What do you think?  Major improvement from the old ugly one.  Don’t worry Mr. Landlord, I saved it for you in the basement.  I will put it back before I move out.

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