Curtains from a Tablecloth

Simple panel curtains are pretty simple to make from just about any kind of fabric.

I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric for my living room curtains for a while but haven’t been able to find anything that was just the right color and wasn’t going to break the budget.

I was perusing through Target a few weeks ago and spotted these tablecloths on clearance.  They were the perfect color and length and an awesome price at $7.98 each!  I snatched two of them right up but had no plans to put them on a table.  They would make beautiful curtains. 

So, how do you turn a tablecloth into curtains?

Well, I have two windows to cover.  Actually, I’m not really going to close them very often, so I didn’t need them to be really wide.  The table cloth was 60″ x 104″ so I cut it in half and a little off the bottom to make two panels that were 30″ x 90″.  Then I was left with a raw edge on one side and the bottom.

I was too lazy to get out the sewing machine and then find a matching thread, so I decided to use some Heat n’ Bond.  Whoever invented this stuff should get a medal. It’s perfect for someone like me who is too lazy to sew and it works great for a project like this.

First place the tape paper side up onto your fabric far enough in so that when you fold the seam over it will lay on top of the Heat n’ Bond.

Then, with a warm iron, no steam, iron on the tape all the way down your raw edge for about 2-3 seconds.

Let the tape cool completely and then peel the paper off of the glue part.  See the clear glue part left behind?

Then fold your fabric onto the glue strip and iron down.  Because my edges were fraying, I folded it in just a little and then over the glue strip so that the edges would be inside the fold.  (Did that make sense?)  I turned my iron up just a little because this was pretty thick fabric.

Iron each section for a good 5 seconds or so to make sure it sticks.  And there you have a nice seam.  I did this on the side and the bottom.

Then, I just clipped the fabric panels on the rings and I had curtains from a tablecloth in about 30 minutes!  I got the rods and clips at Big Lots today.  They were only $8 and the clips were $5.50 and score, today was 20% off your entire purchase!  By the way, Big Lots is a great place to get curtain rods if you are in the market.

Here’s what the room looked like before curtains back in the Fall.

And now…new curtains for two windows for just under $16! They make the room feel a little more cozy and bring in some color on the walls.  Love them!

I have the other window panels done too, but needed a longer rod.  I’ll update the post with more pics after I get that one up. 

And, guess what…I found another tablecloth today to do my bedroom windows!  I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

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A Goodwill Dresser Lives Again

Would you have given this dresser a second look if you were browsing through your local Goodwill?

You probably first notice all the scratches, discoloring, water stains where I notice its solid wood, drawers all work nicely, nothing broken.

I basically ran over and ripped the ticket right off, especially when I saw it was only $20.  SOLD!

This was going to work perfectly in my living room to act as a media console, as I sold my china cabinet turned media cabinet when I moved.  I loved it, but it wasn’t going to work in the new place.  This dresser was perfect.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to the rescue.  I debated over colors…Old White, Duck Egg, Louis Blue.  Then I realized I wanted a little color in the living room.  It was pretty much all shades of white, which I love.  But it needed just a little color.  I decided to make a custom mix of Duck Egg and Louis Blue, toning down the green in the Duck Egg just a little.

So, I grabbed my trusty Purdy paint brush (love this brush) and a red Solo cup of Louis Duck (as I have named it) and went to town.  I was planning on distressing pretty heavily, so I only did one coat and it covered beautifully. Did you hear the “Red Solo cup! I fill you up!” song in your head just now? It was in my head the whole time I was painting.  🙂

Then when it was all dry (about 10 minutes later – love this paint) went to town with my sanding block (fine grit) and sanded away making the finish as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  Then brushed on the clear soft wax and buffed.  Put the hardware back on and she was finished in under an hour and a half.  Again…love this paint.

Here she is in all her glory.  Love the little bit of color it gives the room. 

One more money shot.

So, when you see that piece of furniture that’s all beat up and sad with an awesome price tag…scoop it up, bring it home and give it just a little love.  You won’t be sorry.

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Cool Find and a Sneak Peak

Lookie what I found…

I love these old desk chairs.  It’s got great swivel and is in beautiful condition.  I won’t be painting this.  Just a quick polishing with some Old English on a few scratches and he will be ready for the shop. About time I put something new in.

This past weekend I shared on Twitter and Facebook something I’m working on. (Be sure to follow me there for all kinds of fun extra stuff.)  My living room sofa has had it.  It was a sofa bed and was starting to sink in the middle and you could feel the metal below if you sat too long.  I couldn’t stand it another minute.

I had been thinking of making a day bed for the living room since I don’t have a guest room so I finally started it using an old twin bed frame.  It’s up, but I’m going to paint it this weekend and add a little detail.  It’s soooo much more comfy and so far has only cost me $15 for a new to me twin camper mattress (thick foam mattress). 

Here’s a sneak peak.

Stay tuned for the final reveal and a few secrets.

So, what are you working on this week?

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I found one!

Last weekend Roanoke had a big indoor flea market at the Civic Center which was good because all we have seen here lately is rain…not good for yard sale season.  I had almost gotten through the whole thing when the skies parted and the angels sang as I saw this little gem.

Then a chorus of angels started singing and I swiped it up really fast when I saw the price tag….$10!  Yep, less than I paid for a fake one from Hobby Lobby.  And, it works beautifully.

It goes perfectly here on this dresser in the living room.

I also found a few other things at my favorite yard sale of the year.  I wish I would have had my camera with me when I went.  The house and Greek gardens are beautiful.  You know when they are having this sale, as they put out an old mannequin near the sidewalk with big cut-out letters saying SALE.  I really wish I had a picture of it.  Sorry.

Anyhow…they have really great decorator items, art, furniture, rugs, etc.  Here’s what I got…

This great magazine rack which will get a coat of Old White Chalk Paint.

And these finials which will also get a coat of paint and used somewhere.  They are about 8 inches tall and really heavy.  Love them. 

Have you found anything good lately?

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Yep, I made this…

Ok, I’m pretty proud and amazed this actually worked without any on-the-fly engineering.

Ballard Designs

I’m sure you have seen plenty of these drum shade chandeliers around, like this one from Ballard Designs for $229. (Really??)

I bet you didn’t think I could make one for about $5, did ya? 

Did ya?

Well, as I was strolling through Target the other night I happened on these babies.

Yeah, the teal ribbon trim on them wasn’t right, but for $4.98 each I snagged up three of them real quick like, knowing I could make them my own.

Then, I thought about the left over parts from my lantern project and a light bulb went off.  Drum shade chandelier! 

So, I played with the parts first to make sure it would work, then got out the spray paint and painted the parts white.

I ripped off that teal ribbon on the shade and wrapped some jute around the top and bottom and hot-glued it on.

Then assembled the light.  I lucked out that the shade just sits perfectly in between the light sockets.  I didn’t even have to glue it or anything. 

Then, I wired it in (ladies, don’t be scared of this…it really is simple).  Love it.

Here’s what you see looking up at it.

It fits perfectly in my bedroom.

Oh, I used the other two shades, fixed with the same trim, in the living room replacing these yucky fake leather shades.

Much better.

Yep, three new lights for under $15.  Score.

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Spreading a Little Fall Around

The weather has finally cooled down and that makes me want to warm things up with some Fall decorations.  This is my favorite time of year.  I love the crisp weather, watching the mountains turn from green to orange and gold, chili and other comfort foods, football, and of course Halloween.

I’ve still got a few more things to do, but here’s what the house is looking like so far….

Here’s a little vignette I have on my dining table.  Notice my knock-off hurricanes made out of Dollar Tree vases and candle sticks?  Yep…$2 each!  I picked up the little birds at Michael’s.  They are part of their Tuscan line and were on clearance for 70% off.  Score!  The little pumpkin I already had.

I have also changed up the built-in shelves in the dining room to include a little Fall.  The frames I got at Dollar Tree, they were 2 for $1 and I just used some scrapbook paper and chipboard letters that I already had.  When it gets closer to Halloween, I will change that up with something more Halloween-y.

The living room also got a few little changes with a few yard sale finds.  I just loved the shape of the clock.  I haven’t decided if I want to paint it or something yet.  For now, it will do.  The candle-stick also came from a yard sale, I think for 50 cents, with a little white pumpkin I picked up at Dollar Tree. Hmmm…I need something else on there in the middle.

And, of course my lantern from my last post.

I’ve also made a wreath for the front door, but I want to get some mums this weekend for that area before revealing it.  Check back…I’ll be adding more things over the rest of the week and this weekend. 

October is almost here…have y’all been spreading some Fall around?

China Cabinet to Entertainment Center

 The DIY Show Off

My biggest project yet and the best, I think.

Even though I haven’t purchased the new flat screen TV yet (yes, we still have an old square tube television) because I am saving up for it, I have been searching yard sales and Craigslist for a piece of furniture for the new TV once we do get it.  I was thinking of some kind of console/sofa table but wanted something with storage.  We live in a rented duplex and storage space is almost non-existent, so a  piece of furniture with extra storage is always useful. 

Then I was browsing in one of my favorite blogs Better After and saw this…

And this…

So, I thought…I can do that.  So I started looking for something and found this gem for $25!!! on Craigslist!  I forgot to take a picture before I started taking it apart, sorry I was excited to get started.
My kitty, Stink, got in the pic too.  This is a great, solid wood china cabinet.  The two side panels had this wood lattice stuff on the glass, which I removed before taking the picture, but here is what it looked like on my floor…
Unfortunately, the two side panels weren’t doors like I thought they were, they were stationary, so I had to rip them off.  Yikes, that was scary.  But, I figured I could cover what damage I did with some moulding or something, which I did. 
Yeah…not so pretty.  Then I primed the whole thing using Valspar Mult-Purpose Primer.  I didn’t even have to sand the glossy finish!  
Then I painted it with Valspar Satin Finish in Cincinnatian Hotel Ashley Atrium (a light blue).  My living room, which is a project in process, is chocolate and blue.  Here’s what it looked like before the I got the trim up.
After getting the trim on, which isn’t my best work, but it will do until I figure out how to use a miter saw and put proper moulding on, I took a sanding block to it and distressed the paint a little.
Here is the finished piece in place in my living room, just waiting for the television.  A 42″ will fit in it, but I will probably go with a 37″ to start with.  My living room is kinda small, so the 37″ will be just fine. 
As you can see, I left the shelf from the original piece just stained. Below, you can see how I distressed it. 
The hole you see is what I did for the power cords.  I need a better tool to make that hole a little bigger and cleaner.  My tools are limited. 
So, what do you think?  Total cost for this project was just about $60!!!  By the way…I saw a similar piece in Ballard Designs catalog for $1,800. 
Yeah, they are way over priced, but still, I think mine looks just as good and will look even better when I get that new television in there.  🙂
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