Distressing with Water

It’s been a while since I’ve done a furniture painting how-to, so I thought I’d share my new favorite way to distress a painted piece. If you are using chalk paint, like CeCe Caldwell‘s or Annie Sloan‘s, before waxing, you … Continue reading

Hey, That’s my name…in a magazine!

I’m completely thrilled that one of my projects has made it’s way into a real, live, on the newsstand magazine!  That’s me, Gloria Fox of Roanoke, VA!  ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Thank you House Beautiful for including my furniture makeover tip in your June 2012 issue in 20 Makeover Ideas.

I’ve been anxiously waiting ever since I signed the photo release several months ago to see if I actually made it in the issue.  For the past week, I’ve been making daily trips to the store to see if the issue was out yet and yesterday…there it was!  I grabbed it up and holding my breath flipped through the magazine looking for my picture.  And there it was in a special fold-out section even!  I think I had to blink several times before I believed what I was seeing and I refrained from shouting to everybody in the store, “OMG that’s me!”

So, if you’re in the store make sure and pick up a copy, if I leave one available for you.  It’s a really great issue full of quick makeover ideas.

You can check out the full post on the makeover of that Roadside Rescue dresser here.

New Goodies at Buy the Season

It’s so fun going over to Buy the Season to my booth and seeing what’s sold then filling it back up with new goodies.  I should have done this a long time ago.  Here’s some pics of my space after loading it back up today.

It’s also been fun meeting all the other vendors who have some really great stuff also.  It’s so hard not to walk out of there with more stuff than I brought in.

I’m most excited that I’ve sold more than my rent was.  Let’s just hope it continues that way. 

 Adorable musical child’s chair.

Have a few more items to take in tomorrow.  If you are in the Roanoke/Salem, VA area, come on by!


Let the Yard Sale Season Begin

We have patiently waited all winter…waiting for those wonderful brightly colored signs on the corner directing us to new treasures.  Spring is here and that means yard sales are back, baby! 

Last weekend, I went out even though it was threatening rain, hoping that there were at least a few brave souls still holding their sales.  Although there wasn’t much out there, I did find a few things.

One sale had a bunch of these old auction catalogs.  I could have gotten all of them, but he wanted $3 each.  I talked him down to $2 for just one of them.  I really liked the color of this one and it is full of french furniture…Love!  

Then there was this silver tea pot.  It of course needs some cleaning, but isn’t it gorgeous? (Well, potentially beautiful  LOL)   $2! 

Then I of course, had to hit the Goodwill.  I have been looking for some chandy shades, and these were 50 cents each!  Score.

I started playing around with them, and here’s what I’m thinking of doing to them to spruce them up.

 Have you hit any sales this year yet?