Yard Sales…There’s an App for That

Yard sale season is here!

The weather has warmed up finally which means yard sales are popping up all over!  Are you celebrating like I am?  Well you should be.  🙂

And, “there’s an App for that!”    Garage Sale Rover.

Tired of scouring Craigslist, the newspaper, or just driving around aimlessly, looking for the sales?  Garage Sale Rover will do all that for you (well, not the driving), plus some other awesome stuff.

There is a free version of the App, that includes GPS mapped sale locations and driving directions.  Look at all the sales today!  The red are all yard sales and the blue are estate sales or auctions.

You can also purchase the upgrade version for $3.99, which I did, and be able to search for certain items.  For example, if you are looking for a dresser, just type “dresser” in the search box and all the sales that include dressers will come up as green on your map.  Then you can have the Rover map out the best driving route for you to all your saved sales.  How cool is that?

When you click on each little colored sign, this is what pops up. You can Save, pull up a street view map, or go to the original article on Craigslist or the newspaper with the “i” icon.

When you click on the “i” on each tag, it will take you to the full ad on Craigslist or newspaper site so you can read all they have listed.  As you can see from here, you can get directions and even email this to yourself or someone else.

Once you save all the sales you want to go to, the app will map out the best route for you to take.

Just click on the Saved Sales.

Then Optimize Route.

And the Rover puts them in order for you.  You can also change the order yourself by clicking on the up and down arrows.  Pretty nifty, huh?

I started using this App last year and just upgraded it.  LOVE it!  Next time you are going yard saling, give it a try.  The App is available for iPhone (and now tablets) and Android.

Now get out there and find some treasures!

***This is not a sponsored post.  Garage Sale Rover is just something I use and wanted to share with my readers.

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Bedroom DIY’s: Ten DIY Headboards

I think that bedrooms are my favorite room to make over.  There are so many quick and easy things you can do in a bedroom that can make a big difference.   So, I thought a little series about these budget friendly DIY’s for the bedroom would be fun.  Especially since I’m working on my bedroom.

First, let’s talk about headboards.

The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and is what someone first sees when they walk in your room.  So, it should say something about you and your style, right?

Of course you can go out and buy a perfectly good, ready-made bed that you don’t have to do any thing to, but what’s the fun in that??  And, they can be quite pricey.  By changing up your headboard, you can make a big change in the look of the whole room without spending a lot of cash.

Here are 10 DIY headboards you may want to give a try.

PLEASE. If you want to pin these to Pinterest, go to the original post and pin from there.  None of these are my work and I want the credit to go to the ones who made them. 

House Tweaking

Dana, over at House Tweaking took a few old fence boards, put them together and handpainted “love” on it.  Easy peasy and so cute.  You could put any word you like on this and it would be practically free.


This one is really simple and would be perfect for a coastal cottage style room.  Layla over at The Lettered Cottage did this one for HGTV.com.  If you have a Habitat ReStore in your area, it’s the perfect place to pick up some shutters really cheap.

All Things Thrifty

Want a huge upholstered headboard?  Here’s an option.  Brooke and Dan over at All Things Thrifty made this for their bedroom.  Looks complicated, but it’s really not.  Go see how they did this for under $100.



Have a pretty quilt you want to display?  How easy is this?  Just hang a curtain rod above the bed and drape the quilt over it.  Done.


Love books?  This is so creative and could be done in so many different ways.  Children’s books, old encyclopedias, monochrome colors, all different colors.  So many possibilities.

Dreamy Whites

How dreamy is this?  A couple old doors leaned against the wall and done.  So French, so rustic.  Perfect.  Love how they mixed the rustic with the fancy in the chandelier.

Apartment Therapy

I love old mantles and what perfect headboards they make.  See how they did it over at Apartment Therapy.

Triple Max Tons

I love a simple upholstered headboard.  You can cut any shape you want out of inexpensive wood of your choice and then cover it with some simple inexpensive fabric.  Simple and classic.  See how Kirsten over at Triple Max Tons made hers.



From simple like above to this luxurious velvet tufted headboard.  This one may be a little more complicated, but look at those results.  Check out the great tutorial over at Schue Love.


And, last, but not least.  Look at this barn door headboard made by Diana over at Our Vintage Home Love.  Even though she has a real metal headboard in front of this, you could just put your bed right up to it alone.  Love it.

So, are you inspired to change up your headboard?  Which one inspires you most?  And which one do you think is inspiring my new headboard?

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Creating a Spring Mantle

It is officially Spring! Trees are blooming, the grass is greening, flowers are popping up, and the sun is shining…well, when its not raining.

I’ve been trying to get this post done for days, but the past several days, the cloudy weather hasn’t cooperated.  But, finally today…sunshine, which means light and a photo shoot!  Yay!

Yes, it was time to change my “mantle” up from what it was for Winter (see that one here).  And, today, I thought I’d talk a little about creating a mantle vignette.

The first thing I usually do is gather all the things that I think I may want to add so I have plenty of stuff to choose from.  Then, I usually start with my largest element which this time is the white frame.

The frame with the wreath was the start of the layers I wanted to create. 

The next largest item was the scale, in all her rusty glory.   I added a bird and nest then a little flower pot with flowers on top.  Again, more layers.  To even the height on this side with the frame a little, I added the slate sign.

The pretty tulips in one of my many blue Ball jars balanced the height of the scale on this side. Don’t you just love tulips?

Then, down in front, I added some rolled moss, a little bird cage with colored eggs inside and a few more scattered to fill the space in front.  Layers. 

And, there you have it.  A pretty, Spring color filled “mantle”.  Here are a few more detail shots.

Happy Spring!

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The Lettered Cottage

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Spray Painting Wicker

It definitely felt a lot like Spring here in Southwest Virginia this weekend so I felt the need to get the front porch in shape for some Spring color by painting my yard sale wicker chairs.

I bought two of these wicker chairs last year at a yard sale and paid $15 for the pair.  They were sturdy, but definitely needed some spiffing up.

Nothing that a few cans of spray paint won’t fix.  I picked up three of these at Big Lots last week but only used about 2 1/2 cans.

One tip for spray painting wicker: Spray from all directions so that the paint gets into all the nooks and crannies.  

And now, they look all pretty again.  I can’t wait to add some color with flower on the porch.

Another quick before/after.

I’ve got big plans for the porch, so stay tuned as I continue the porch makeover.

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Great Discount Online Shopping!

Who doesn’t love a discount?  You know I do.

Joss & Main

I’ve just recently discovered Joss & Main, an online shop that offers some pretty amazing daily deals and just had to share it with you all.

Joss & Main is a member’s only site that embraces fine design in a variety of forms and styles. “We understand that decorating and completing your home is a process which involves refinement over time. Whether you are making significant purchases or adding finishing touches, Joss & Main brings you an exciting collection from which to choose each day.” (Joss & Main)

From pillows to lighting to furniture, they have beautiful things that are discounted for its members to bargain basement prices!  You should really check it out.  For an invitation, just click on their logo above. 

Every day, you will receive an email with the daily deals.  There is a limited quantity on the items, so if you see something you like, you better snatch it up quick.

Make sure you go and join tonight so you can check out fellow blogger, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality‘s Curator’s Collection tomorrow, March 8!  I can’t wait to see what great things she has collected for us.

Happy Shopping!!

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Post from the past: A Favorite Furniture Makeover

This was one of my favorite furniture makeovers before I discovered chalk paint.  It was a hard one to give up.

To see the entire transformation in this post from the past, click here.

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Curtains from a Tablecloth

Simple panel curtains are pretty simple to make from just about any kind of fabric.

I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric for my living room curtains for a while but haven’t been able to find anything that was just the right color and wasn’t going to break the budget.

I was perusing through Target a few weeks ago and spotted these tablecloths on clearance.  They were the perfect color and length and an awesome price at $7.98 each!  I snatched two of them right up but had no plans to put them on a table.  They would make beautiful curtains. 

So, how do you turn a tablecloth into curtains?

Well, I have two windows to cover.  Actually, I’m not really going to close them very often, so I didn’t need them to be really wide.  The table cloth was 60″ x 104″ so I cut it in half and a little off the bottom to make two panels that were 30″ x 90″.  Then I was left with a raw edge on one side and the bottom.

I was too lazy to get out the sewing machine and then find a matching thread, so I decided to use some Heat n’ Bond.  Whoever invented this stuff should get a medal. It’s perfect for someone like me who is too lazy to sew and it works great for a project like this.

First place the tape paper side up onto your fabric far enough in so that when you fold the seam over it will lay on top of the Heat n’ Bond.

Then, with a warm iron, no steam, iron on the tape all the way down your raw edge for about 2-3 seconds.

Let the tape cool completely and then peel the paper off of the glue part.  See the clear glue part left behind?

Then fold your fabric onto the glue strip and iron down.  Because my edges were fraying, I folded it in just a little and then over the glue strip so that the edges would be inside the fold.  (Did that make sense?)  I turned my iron up just a little because this was pretty thick fabric.

Iron each section for a good 5 seconds or so to make sure it sticks.  And there you have a nice seam.  I did this on the side and the bottom.

Then, I just clipped the fabric panels on the rings and I had curtains from a tablecloth in about 30 minutes!  I got the rods and clips at Big Lots today.  They were only $8 and the clips were $5.50 and score, today was 20% off your entire purchase!  By the way, Big Lots is a great place to get curtain rods if you are in the market.

Here’s what the room looked like before curtains back in the Fall.

And now…new curtains for two windows for just under $16! They make the room feel a little more cozy and bring in some color on the walls.  Love them!

I have the other window panels done too, but needed a longer rod.  I’ll update the post with more pics after I get that one up. 

And, guess what…I found another tablecloth today to do my bedroom windows!  I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

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Take a Leap

It’s Leap Day!  

We get an extra day this year.  What are you going to do with it?  Anything special?

I’m going to try and do something I wouldn’t normally do.  Take a Leap of Faith with me and let me know what you do today.

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Snow Day!

Yesterday we finally got some snow here.  It was a very heavy wet snow and stuck to all the trees so pretty. 

These were taken at about 6:00 last night.  It’s like the whole world was black and white.

It’s supposed to warm up today and be 70 by Thursday, so it won’t last long.

Happy Monday!

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How to Add Color Without Painting Walls

It’s winter time and there isn’t much color going on outside, which leaves me wanting some color inside.  For the most part, my house is very neutral with just a few pops of color here and there and I find myself wanting to add more.  I’m about to give my bedroom a full makeover and paint the walls, but in the other rooms, I like the wall color neutral as it is, but the rooms need some color!

In the living room, I just recently painted a dresser a nice blue/green (see that post here) which brought in a little bit of color, but I’m wanting more.

If you don’t know already, I’m a renter.  In this house, I’m allowed to paint, but I know a lot of my fellow renters are not given that option.  So, here are some ways to add some color if you don’t want to change the walls or just want to keep that neutral background.  And of course, ways to do it on a small budget, cause that’s how we do it around here.


Probably the easiest way to gain a lot of color in a room is with drapery.  Let’s face it, some drapery can be very expensive though.  Here are a few ways to get the look without breaking the bank.

Make curtains out of a flat sheet like Meredith at Welcome to Heardmont did in her dining room.  What great color this brings to the room and for very little $$.  She has a great tutorial on how to transform a sheet into curtains, also.  She sewed hers, but I have made them before with just the iron-on tape like Stitch Witchery.

Courtesy BHG

In this picture, notice how everything but the drapes and lamp are very neutral.  Just with those two things, especially the drapes, no one would say that room is boring.

You can also use a tablecloth for great fabric.  I just picked up two 60×102 tablecloths from Target that I’m making into curtains for my living room for $7.98 each!  Stay tuned for that post.

Some great places I like to purchase ready-made drapery for just a little cash are Big Lots, TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods, Target, Ikea (if you have one near you).


Another great way to add some color is with art.  No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.  You can even DIY it.

Courtsey BHG

Now, this room is popping with color!  But look at the bones of the room…all neutral.  The art on wall is just fabric wrapped around a board and a canvas.  How simple is that?  And what a big impact it makes. Do you see some other simple ways to add color in this picture?


Who doesn’t love frames?  You can pick them up in all sizes at a thrift store for almost nothing.  Get out some spray paint in your fav color and go to town!  Then hang them in a collage and you are done.  Easy peasy.


One of my favorite ways to add some color is with painted furniture.  Just like my newly painted tv console, just one piece of painted furniture in a room can give it a new life. You can go more subtle, like I think my console is, or more bold, like Miss Mustard Seed’s Swiss Miss dresser.

via Miss Mustard Seed

What a statement this would make in your room. Love it!


Your lamps and light fixtures not only bring in a lot a light to a room, but can also bring in some great pops of color.


I’ve got a chandelier in my basement right now that I may tackle with an awesome color for my bedroom makeover.


You can also hit an old brass lamp from the GW with a can of spray paint and make it brand new and colorful.

Or add some great fabric like on the yellow lamp or even some yarn to the shade like Mandi at Vintage Revivals did with this one.  Love it!

So, are you inspired to add some color to your rooms?  I know I am.

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