Hey, That’s my name…in a magazine!

I’m completely thrilled that one of my projects has made it’s way into a real, live, on the newsstand magazine!  That’s me, Gloria Fox of Roanoke, VA!  ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Thank you House Beautiful for including my furniture makeover tip in your June 2012 issue in 20 Makeover Ideas.

I’ve been anxiously waiting ever since I signed the photo release several months ago to see if I actually made it in the issue.  For the past week, I’ve been making daily trips to the store to see if the issue was out yet and yesterday…there it was!  I grabbed it up and holding my breath flipped through the magazine looking for my picture.  And there it was in a special fold-out section even!  I think I had to blink several times before I believed what I was seeing and I refrained from shouting to everybody in the store, “OMG that’s me!”

So, if you’re in the store make sure and pick up a copy, if I leave one available for you.  It’s a really great issue full of quick makeover ideas.

You can check out the full post on the makeover of that Roadside Rescue dresser here.